A Poem: "Space for Lease"

A Poem: "Space for Lease"

“Space for Lease”

Hung a sign on the lush lawn
Of my smile
Its sole intent to invite
You in—
In the event you bustled
By the sparkles in my windows’ eyes
Mistaking them for
Evening streetlamps
As Day disrobed for Night
Outside my doors.

I’m no longer under
As a high rise
Lofty and cold
Talk about old…

An Open House,
Every part of me
Awoke and aware
With no inclination
To close off conceal or spare
These rooms
Day’s surprises.

Ven aca, por favor.
You’re not only welcome,
Mi Amor,
You were requested
From the Cosmos
To relish the double occupancy of our Souls.

I’ve scrutinized you
Sidestepped you
Since my foundation was
Just recently opened to
Your desire to slip, slide and skate
All of my square feet and slick hardwood,
Me to the balcony floor
Where summer’s breezes and I tease
Just to listen to your breath hitch and wheeze
Both of us pleased
To be.

No fine print
Designed to make you vent
the Terms of Conditions that went
Simply meant to demean
Once our contract is spent
Nothing lasts forever
Least of all rent
To be exact
This space is yours,
A lease with the option to own
A space you can call home
That is
If you accept Love’s loan.

El 18 de agosto, 2010


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