Let’s Meetup….

Let’s Meetup….

Have you ever treated yourself to a Meetup?

They exist for a plethora of subjects and themes, interests and activities! I’d heard of the http://www.Meetup.com site earlier this year via a Facebook friend, who answered a question I’d presented about discovering how to communicate with book clubs in my city, considering I’d just published my novel, “If You Love Me, Come.”

“Try Meetup!” she advised jovially. “There, you’ll find exactly what you seek.” And was she ever right, except I didn’t actually delve further into the site than hovering on its edges, surfing its thousands of groups.

Then my friend, Gina, spoke of a supper club meetup that she was wholly enjoying. The food, the people and the atmosphere! When she invited me to her next meeting, I jumped at attending. And what a delirious delight it was! I love meeting new people. I love the exchange of lives. I love the names that drifted across the restaurant. I love small talk with the restaurant staff. I love pictures. I love well-prepared food. And I love a welcoming atmosphere.

Thus, if you haven’t braved the Meetup site, venture the experience! Go! Enjoy the group descriptions. And broaden your horizons. You will thank me; therefore, in advance, you are welcome! Besitos y abrazos

Living A Golden Life,
July 2011


2 thoughts on “Let’s Meetup….

  1. Oh Dori,It is! I am positive they have meetup groups there in England. You might want to visit the site and note where the Photography groups are where you are. (smile) You might even find some cooking meetups for English food! Then you could surprise Brit Boy with some dishes he never imagined you serving him! Wouldn't that be grand?But if you do decide to explore a meetup, let me know here. Wouldn't that be delightful conversation?!Love you,TheGoldenGoddess


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