My Day in Bullets

My Day in Bullets

* Go to bed at 4:30 AM after a night of writing
* Rise refreshed at noon
* Praise the Universe lying in bed, staring out the window
* Shower and prepare for the day
* Enjoy a bowl of Raisin Bran and navel oranges and lime water
* Lift ten-pound, cast-iron weights and dance about in my bedroom to Janet Jackson CD
* Sit quietly in a yoga position on the blue floral sofa in my home office and be Still for 15 minutes white a vanilla-scented candle flickers
* Sit at my beloved, beautiful Bombay writing desk and undertake one of the writing tasks that patiently awaits me
* Work on my poetry collection (compiling the poems to comprise my first poetry book)
* Answer my cell to text friends or one of my two sisters who live in the city
* Pause to give myself a pedicure
* Enjoy a few moments gazing outside
* Return to the poetry collection
* Respond to e-mail
* Interact with beautiful people on Facebook
* Think about my new novel, Not Without Passion, and dream about the characters until I can return to them
* Make business calls
* Prepare and enjoy lunch
* Sit on the red living-room sofa and enjoy the melodies of the day through the opened sliding glass door
* Dream about walking and running a Punta Cana beach
* Return to my desk and continue working
* Make lists of what I need to do on my large desk calendar
* Return to the sofa to be Still in gratitude
* Walk to the Fresh Foods up the street
* Consult with my Cover Designer, Lincoln Jude
* Chat with family and friends
* Work on Poetry Collection and read
* Explore 2 recommended websites
* Downsize for the evening
* Tumble into golden sheets

Muscling it all in….


2 thoughts on “My Day in Bullets

    1. Bon jour, Jolie!

      Thank you so much! Life is absolutely amazing when I think about it. If we release what should be happening and embrace what is happening, our days become the stuff of our dreams.
      Wishing you a sensational day!


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