“Soft Tsunami” will be rolling up on a shore near you…

“Soft Tsunami” will be rolling up on a shore near you…

This is where I make it happen. The place where the magic begins. Right now I am assembling and editing the manuscript that will be my very first poetry collection. So far I’ve waded through over 300 pages of poetry from as far back as 1995, the purling stream winding right up to the present day. My beautiful, beloved friend and mentor, poet extraordinaire, Nik Nicholson, my reigning Miss Las Vegas, graciously volunteered to join me in the manuscript wading and the stopping to lift a pearly sea shell of a poem from its pages to include in my premiere collection. A lovely lady, inside and out, Nik has been a treasured delight on my publishing odyssey, and I’m grateful for her presence!

I’d have loved sharing the cover of the book, which will be released as a paperback and as an e-book on Amazon, but my extraordinary cover artist/designer is yet doing his thing, and one artist dare not interrupt another while he is in the midst of creation: a sacred phenom.

Lincoln Jude enthralls me with his artistic skill and the vision that he conceptualizes after I share my intentions. This time, after designing two Wanda B. Wonders covers for me, he is working with a photo of me from a Sensual Photo Shoot that I took on Stone Mountain before Zen’s lens last fall, 2011. Other photos from that sexy shoot will appear inside the book as chapter photos. One pic is of me on a 2011 Caribbean Carnival cruise!

Water is a predominant mainstay through this collection. I know that has its roots in me loving water and basking in the bliss of it from other lifetimes when I lived beside the sea. My cells recalls those lifetimes whenever I visit Jamaica, Hawaii, California and Florida. Like Langston Hughes’ soul knew rivers, mine is intimate with the sea, the ocean. (Even if I cannot swim. That, I’ll be honest, has its roots in me not wishing to get my hair wet, when I was a girl coming up in Waterbury, Connecticut, with my mother hot combing my hair and greasing it and leaving it shiny and almost lacquered glossy, riding my shoulders and forehead. It took so much time for Mama to present my sisters and me to the world this way, until I defied the angels to bring rain on a day I’d gotten my hair DONE!)

Water is therapeutic. It’s romantic. Cleansing. I was baptized in water. Skinny dipped in it in Jamaica. I yet love to stand in a streaming shower and dance while eying my shadow accompany me in a sensual rendezvous. We are born in a warm gush of water. It is excreted when we are brought to climax. To it is where I am headed in a few minutes when I run for the shower to be ready to treat my beloved friend to a Sweet Earth Massage as a graduation gift!

So it’s entirely fitting and proper for water to grace the cover of “SOFT TSUNAMI.” Conjure for yourself what the title means. Better yet, read the book and determine if the poems wash over you softly or in a gusty deluge. Then come. Let’s flow into the same tributary and delight in the exquisite exchange of dialogue, where it is sacred to leave a bit of you with me…and me with you, for we are ONE.

Tener un buen dia.


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