“I love Fiona Zedde’s d…

“I love Fiona Zedde’s debut novel, BLISS. This is my Amazon review of the memorable love story written on March 9, 2006. I love it so I joined Zedde and Sheree L. Greer in writing its screenplay. I am thanking the Universe for the Divine-right filmmaker to bring it to the screen screen!”

Fiona Zedde has done it! She has crafted an astounding tale of love and self discovery in her paradise of a debut novel, BLISS. Truly, every woman wants it…though it be in the arms of a man or a woman. As for Sinclair, bliss enters her life in the arms of a woman, who is equally as breathtaking a character as Sinclair herself–warm, intelligent, witty, family and goal oriented, goddess gorgeous, strong, virtuous, and sensual. Together, they are the ingredients for a “forever love,” and goodness knows, in Fiona Zedde’s masterful voice, their tale will resonate in your mind long after the book has been closed.

Fiona Zedde has stirred a savory blend of words in the steamy, literary pot that is her laptop and served up hypnotic scenes worthy of writing workshops. Like other reviewers here, I was swept away with her descriptions of weather, people, places, emotions, and lovemaking. Even the two violent scenes yanked me up out of my comfort zone, and placed me there, battling to survive beside Sinclair and Hunter as they rolled with two young gay-bashing white men in the hills of Jamaica and exchanged fighting words in the altercation in the street with the young black Jamaicans. One could smell the fight, inhale the strength Lydia and the others exuded.

And if a writer ever wanted to sharpen her pen on an erotic story, all she would have to do is open BLISS and observe the many ways to describe the gift that is lovemaking. Congratulations, Fiona. Ms. Toni and several others here were on point to pronounce you a leading African-American writer. You have opened a long-shut door and danced out to sit upon the top shelf of gay and lesbian fiction. However, I’d like to drop labels, momentarily, and say, to me, you are a gifted writer who has taken her place amongst other evocative voices in contemporary American fiction.

Since I enjoyed reading all of the reviews here, I would be remiss not to address the reviews I felt warranted specific feedback. One reviewer commented on the number of gays in the novel and in Sinclair’s family. It seemed a queue of straight characters went invisible, like Nikki, Victor, the Breckenridges, the black and white gay bashers, most of Hunter’s family, Gram and Yuen, etc. To the heterosexual eye, a book with a cast of leading lesbian characters is perhaps strange, thus the comment. It is much like a lesbian reading a book with leading heterosexual characters, then commenting, “It’s odd, but almost everyone in this novel is straight!” Next time, just enjoy what is.

And to the disappointed reviewer whose friend told her the book was about a woman’s exploration and self discovery. Your friend didn’t fabricate; the novel is about exploration and self discovery. Could your disagreement with the novel stem from Sinclair exploring the minefield of lesbianism and not making her way back to Yuen and the familiarity of heterosexuality?

A stunning performance, Fiona, and to my fellow readers and writers, “Let’s keep doing our thing…whatever that might be!”

Cheers and hugs and love,



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