Something I Feel Strongly About…

Something I Feel Strongly About…

I am a workout queen, one who believes in exercising daily, whether I am jumping on my mini trampoline before my plasma television in the living room or dancing up a decent sweat and profiling in my bedroom mirror or before the t.v. or lifting 10-pound, cast-iron weights or strolling my neighborhood with the glorious grand babies in their rickety yet reliable buggy or climbing or walking/running Stone Mountain! No matter who you are or what you do, consistent exercise will bless your life in many ways.

Even over gyms, Stone Mountain is my favorite place to workout. There is nothing like the freshness of the whispering breezes and the overhead portrait of the Divine’s handiwork in blue and white and the exhilarating gusts that whip across the mountain’s smiling granite top that, at times, seemingly allows you to be kissed by the Divine and the fascinating views that serenades climbers (lovely postcard worthy shots of nearby Atlanta and surrounding homes and businesses) and walkers, who relish the 5-mile or the 12-mile treks around the base of the mountain. Truly, I awash in gratitude each time I set foot on the renown landmark.

Okay! Let’s say you aren’t a fitness enthusiastic, fine! There are festivals, water dives, hidden meditation spots, playgrounds, picnic areas, campgrounds, golf course and club house, train rides, put-put golf and other gaming opportunities, fitness camps, etc! Truth be told, you can tailor your visit to satisfy your individual needs.

On Friday, July 13th, I’ll be using it as a first-date setting! No, this isn’t her first time experiencing the mountain, yet this is her debut encounter experiencing it with me! Have you ever used the mountain as a setting for a first date?

A few days ago, I shared the Stone Mountain experience with several friends, all sweetly new to my friendship pool. Each (Natalie Frazier, Claudine Vaughan and T. Rose) is wholly charming in her own way. Our experience was a many splendid thing: a spiritual encounter, moments of golden beauty, a tryst with personal strength. Thus, I have come to cherish the moments that arise on the tapestry of my life that allows me to confront fear or go seek it and knock upon its door.

It is my pleasure to share vicariously some of our experience with you via the awe-inspiring photos from new photographer/filmmaker friend, Teresa Dowell-Vest’s camera.

For those who may be wondering if I was always an exercise buff, the answer is absolutely not! I’ve always been a bookworm, a writer an a speaker. Didn’t add dancing until late, considering Mr. Moss didn’t permit my siblings and me to attend teen dances, though, of course, we did so whenever we could get out of the house under one pretext or another. Kids would exclaim: “Oh my God, the Back-Yarders are out of the house! Who died and left the door cracked?” Kids…if they were as smart in school!

Anyway, I’ve been teeny-weeny since I can remember being cognizant of my build: shotgun breasts, little waist with a bit of a bowl at the bottom, non-existent hips, and shapely legs (let certain ones tell it, and that’s a thank you to my mother, Tiny, who had a pair of sexy, runway-option-able legs). It wasn’t until I birthed my only child, my son, when I was 28, that this lithe frame exploded, expanded and exhaled! Carrying him while teaching English in DeKalb County, I had a bit of food in my mouth and hand and purse and desk, every time I felt a hunger pang, which was often. My doctor threatened to hospitalize me if I came in for another monthly check-up 5 or 10-pounds heavier.

No, he wasn’t interested in my grandma’s mantra that I was eating for two. I can see it in his eyes even now, “That is crap!” And it was, thank you! To trim my small frame after the scintillating pregnancy, I rode a stationary bike in my living room, after my days teaching, like my very life depended on it for almost six months.

So enjoy you and be open to golden opportunities to embrace the ecstasy of physical fitness.

ME on the top of Stone Mountain
Rays from the Heavens
A mountain view
Natalie, Claudia and Claudine on Stone Mountain
The photographer/filmmaker Teresa
Gazing on the Face of the Divine
The Train on Stone Mountain
Atlanta’s skyline from the mountain top
If you meditate on it, it will find you!

Cherishing my Golden Moments,

There are times I pause to meditate in Nature


6 thoughts on “Something I Feel Strongly About…

  1. Wow! One, I can’t believe you have grand children and Two, your words are always so poetic and link harmoniously across the screen. I love discovering when other women of color are fitness committed. I have been an athlete my entire life (ran 5 miles this morning) and fell in love with yoga last year. I’ve never “felt” better than I do now. Hats off to you Miss Claudia Moss for making health/fitness/beauty such an integral part of your life!


    1. Bowing! I am deeply humbled, Cj! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your beautiful words, and I shall promise to blog about my grand babies soon. I did once before, about Laila Amor, whose picture accompanies the entry. If you like, scroll one day back through the queue of stories and you will find her. She is almost two now, so her new blog entry will reflect her true age, which is at least 18. (sonriente)

      Muchas gracias por estar aqui!!


  2. My Golden Goddess, it is a pleasure to travel with you and experience through your delicious words and heavenly pictures. As you know my life has evolved within the last 17 months and fitness has become an ultimate pleasure as well as a “must-have” in my life. You must honor me with your presence in my Zumba class and bring some friends for a complimentary experience. Keep up the great job of living life for us all. Gracias, Senorita Moss.


    1. Buenos dias, Diva Sunshine!

      How joyous to see you this early morning! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet, sweet compliments. My cup runneth over! Indeed, I’d love to visit your Zumba class and bring some friends. My daughter brought a Zumba video home and danced for several days before it drifted to a comfy shelf near the flat screen. If you will, please zap me a pic of your class getting it in, or you, and I will post that on my Facebook wall and drum up a time for us to visit! YEAH!

      Por nada, Reina!! El placer es todo mio!! 🙂


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