Inspiration in Nature

Inspiration in Nature

Inspiration is our blessed assurance from heavenly havens! It comes when we least expect it, showering us in serendipitous pleasure, guiding and directing us to our next Great Adventure.

In my childhood, inspiration found me in the pages of the books I adored or in quiet moments in the library or gazing into solitude, dreaming.

These days, the leading lady visits me outdoors, in beguiling settings, inviting me to open the floodgates to possibilities that leave me burning with passion to fearlessly brave the next vision of what I can do or be if I am still enough to welcome Inspiration into my Present Moment.

This past Saturday, the last one in July, I hiked in the breathtakingly beautiful wonderland of Sweetwater State Park located off I-20 in Atlanta, GA. It is one of 63 parks in Georgia, not including Stone Mountain and other historic sites. Sweetwater offers color-coded hiking trails and picnic spots, rock sunning, ruin visits, photographic forays, meditation stillness and boating opportunities, etc. I couldn’t help but lay out on a huge boulder in the photo below. For hours, I could have reclined there, staring up at the clouds and appreciating Mother Nature’s symphony, but my beloved friend, Gina, and I were enjoying the red and the blue and part of the yellow hiking trails.

Accompanied by a small child hiking with a tiny walking stick, a woman, who bore a striking resemblance to songbird Celine Dion, offered to snap our picture, as we began photographing one another on Gina’s cell phone. I appreciate people present enough to do such a thing unasked, although I don’t mind knocking at the door of their world to capture a moment in mine.

Parts of the Sweetwater trail reminded me of Stone Mountain, especially this path through the woods that seemed to speak of the joy of saying YES to life, YES to what’s around the next bend, YES to rising early on a Saturday morning to work the body and clear the mind.

I am grateful to the Universe for my friend Gina. She, like the lovely setting, inspires me in ways beyond her imaginings. Ever ready to embrace life and its multitudinous blessings, Gina’s life itself teaches one how to savor the sweetness of viewing life from different angles and being open to humor in the midst of the mundane.

Where and when do you tend to reap the harvest of Inspiration?


4 thoughts on “Inspiration in Nature

  1. Claudia, you never fail to amaze me. I truly believe (this may be selfish) that you are my inspirational angel. Sent to this earth to bring love and so much light. Each time we speak or fellowship or even in times like this when sleep fails me, there you are. I was taken aback by the beauty of your photos. It pleases my heart to witness you and Gina’s wonderful friendship. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Morning, Kiyandrea!

      Wow! Thank you from the depths of my soul, of my heart for this fabulous response. I am a writer, so I write, not knowing if there is an audience out there connecting with my heartstrings but hoping nonetheless. You and others, who come to make the gift of your Presence known, inundate my Being with bliss! Thank you in colors splashed across the sky!

      Yes, I am your inspirational angel! The only way I know that for sure is that you are mine, as well. Whenever I call to you on my life path, you answer, showing up in living colors of love! Had to include you in the introduction for my first poetry collection, “SOFT TSUNAMI.” To maximum the photo shoot that would manifest the photos for the collection, I called and you appeared. For that I thank you. And your colors intensify with your beauty combined with LaKenya’s magnificence and love! Am geared up for the Engagement Gala, whenever you summon family and friends together again. Yayyy! You know the charm of having something to look forward to!

      I am elated this blog post touched you. You know you are a major component of my friendship with Gina. Remember that summer…when Atlanta’s good times belonged to us? The “Walk Like A Man” author and cast at Gina’s for our Pride Party. Piedmont Park fun. The conversations. The parties. They’re all cherished chapters in the story of our lives, so thank you for crossing my path, Lady Lion! In this life and the next, roar, Lady, roar!

      Love always,


  2. You are so wonderful Claudia and reading your post made my heart sing!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful place and your beautiful light with the world 🙂


    1. Hola, Dori!

      Buenos dias! It’s 1:42 AM, as I write this response to your beautiful response. I love it and you, Sis! Thank you! Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup! If I could, I’d say thank you 1,000 ways for you to know the depth of my gratitude. You are most welcome. And thank you for being on the other end of a blog post one wonders if anyone reads…:-)

      Have an awesome and fantastic Thursday!!!


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