There’s something about quality time with friends….

There’s something about quality time with friends….

There is nothing quite like the delight of sharing time with family and friends. I live for it…and other things, some of which I will chat about later. I adore breaking bread with friends. We reminisce and hash out problems and bolster one another to meet challenges and laugh at monstrosities that once threatened to cut us off at the knees. Memories are cast in gold. And if you’re a picture person like me, these moments are framed…somewhere for posterity.

In the photo below, Kyla is in the orange dress. She and I once shared the same workplace, she a counselor and me an English teacher. Over the years our friendship blossomed and led to working out together. Our exercise setting of choice: Stone Mountain Park, where we scaled that granite wonder and walked and talked our way around its five-mile walking trail. She is my baby sis by another mother.

In the pic under Kyla and me, that’s Ali! She’s one of my favorite waitresses at the Thaicoon Sushi Bar. Her smile and bubbly personality make her a favorite for many. Doll-like, she’d make a prime candidate for my new camera’s lens. (Did I tell you? I’m not only an author but a photographer as well!)

Below that photo, meet my family: my only son, Avery, his beloved, Shanise, and their children, my darling grand babies, Nazir and Laila Amor. And yes, they are seated at a Thaicoon table, across from Claudine and me. Word: on Monday and Tuesday nights, the restaurant offers $1.00 sushi night. It’s an unbeatable way to relish an August evening!

In the last picture, I am posing between my sisterfriends, Natalie and Claudine. Looks like I have a toothpick in my mouth. Maybe the high wind blew something on Teresa’s lens and I was the one to get the equivalent of Bunny Ears! (softly laughing) Anyway, that’s the day we climbed the mountain together. So if I’m not sharing a meal with my friends, I cherish quality time with them exercising or shopping or chatting on the celly or partying or watching TV or a movie or just being quiet together. I thank the Divine for friends and the healing elixir of friendship, for where would we be without it. Yes, I’ve written about friends before and I will again and again for it brings me joy to share the gift of my life with others.

If you want to share a meal and memorable good times with me, reach out! Who knows what will happen until you ask. (sonrisas)

Wishing you a golden Thursday!


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