Another Post to Celebrate the Beauty of Stillness…

Another Post to Celebrate the Beauty of Stillness…

In the Beauty of Stillness, I am free. My Being is fluid as sparkling streams of turquoise waves splayed out before me, a welcoming invite to my feet, to my fearlessness to stand with my Soul bared before the Divine in the middle of the day. I am fearless enough to desist from the dreamer’s panacea of activity. To be in constant motion, many of us believe, is to make continuous progress towards our dreams, our goals, our objectives. Surprisingly, though, it is when I am deeply alive in a given Moment, usually a quiet Moment, when I am Present, focused on the life that throbs throughout my Being.

In Stillness, I can embrace the seemingly disparate parts of me. I can gather to my breast the sometimes-neglected parts that may be unconsciously pushed aside in the personality’s attempt to show what it will to the world. I don’t require the world’s approval I remind myself, when I grow numb to the blind pursuit of my dreams. I am already what I am. During those times when I forget, simply, I am lacking the ease and gentleness with myself to lay back on the waves and ride the tides—wind in my locs, skimming my cheeks in delicate caresses and titilatting my nude flesh—assuring me that I am not in a battle or race with the world or anyone in it.

I am me, Claudia, being–a Soul who adores what I adore, loves who and what I love.

So I meditate several times a day, if I can. No, when I stop and hop off this merry-go-round and satisfy my Soul with the bliss of Stillness.

Why do I do it?

I conscientiously connect with the Divine, to sit in a place of humility and joy within the Universe, and delight in the joy of Being. This is one of the most important Spiritual vitamins I require.

When I meditate, I sit in my office, on my trampoline, now that the space is emptying, holding only my mahogany writer’s desk, a low-standing coffee table, a potted fern, my temperamental All-in-One fax/copier/printer and basket of books. On my trampoline, I sit crossed-legged atop a folded blanket and pillow, preferably in the buff, and get Still, as still as the distant mountaintop that greets me outside my third-floor windows.

I am as Still as the cotton tied about my waist, as Still as my Sisterlocks under my left hand or the fuchsia-splashed tie over my shoulder. I remember my fearlessness. To stand on the mountain, at high noon, primarily nude, not much between me and the lake and trees and grass and Zen’s lens and my two lovely helpers and an open sky that are my audience, all tacitly praising me.

In my office, I sit, yoga still, facing the serenity of soft-burning tea lights. My Buddha holds one candle, bronze head bowed in humility. My miniature, candle holding lamp offers up its pretty luminescence and so does my glass makeshift flower pot-turned candle holder. (One can make candle holders out of most anything.)

Shrouded in a warm, welcoming glow, I vibrate in gratitude, joy, peace and love this morning. Once more, I realize how sacred is time conscientiously set aside to be anchored in Stillness. I cease the incessant musing of my mind. I focus on the night or the morning’s symphony, see the tapestry of the Universe right outside my windows and feel the breeze skimming over and through the white wooden blinds, same as I feel the the day’s sweet lulling breezes stroke me in the photo here, where I am possibly meditating standing, merging with the Universal Oneness of Spirit.

What are the benefits, you ask? Mine are multitudinous! I am calmer in the midst of a whirlwind of activity. My mind is clear, my heart open. My pressure is perfect, sans worry and the burden of what to do next and when to do it and with whom. Joy makes my skin glow. I’m ecstatic! My third eye races forth and connects with those things I envision. They arrive swiftly, on a Divinely perfect timetable.

No, I don’t chant. Sometimes I focus on how grateful I am for what is manifesting on my path. Sometimes I aim to go as blank as a sheet of paper minus even lines. As empty as I can go in the presence of a striking woman. What I allow my mind to do is toboggan over “una montaña de bendiciones” that vibrate under the tranquility of my skin!

Downstairs to enjoy a meal before returning to this office to sit in Stillness again…


8 thoughts on “Another Post to Celebrate the Beauty of Stillness…

  1. So, so lovely, Claudia. I am swooning from your words. Each one finds its mark and breathes into me softly. This is the best poetry, the kindest poetry, the sweetest gift. Thank you so much, friend. XOXO


    1. Good morning, Lizzy-Sis!

      Oh, my! I am deeply honored, as this is my first time returning to my blog home after being away for months. Goodness, had I known you’d beat me home, I’d have returned sooner and at least cleaned up! 😀

      Thank you kindly for such BEAUTIFUL words. Inhale! My heart is humbled. Muchas, muchas gracias, mi Hermana! XOXO


      1. Beautiful friend. I LOVE your spirit, your words, your energy, your light. I cannot wait to order and read all of your books, honey. I just want to gobble your work up. I LOVE being friends with you. Sweet kisses and hugs coming your way. XOXO


      2. Lizzy!
        A warm greeting to one of the greatest bloggers/writers in my world! Hello! And how are you? Thank you kindly for leaving such a sweet response to my Presence here! And double thanks for referencing my books! YEA For us writing sisters, such references make us oh so H A P P Y!!! Igualmente! I LOVE being your friend as well, Luminous Light!
        Love you more!


      3. Evening, Lizzy!
        Hello and how are you? HUGSSSS I affirm your day has been same as mine, beautiful and fulfilling! Thank you kindly for being you with the pen! I am so humbled! I, too, LOVE your spirit and words and energy. Goodness knows, your light shines bright and far, touching us Internet souls far and wide.
        I’m returning to write a bit more before I pause and get some reading in, which reminds me to ask, What are you reading now?


      4. Sweetness of love and light!! Awwww..this comment of yours just lifts my heart and holds it high, mommy. I love your love-notes to me.

        At the moment, I’m reading several books about the Tarot and a really killer quantum physics book that’s absolutely blowing my mind: “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe”. It’s soooooooo awesome. It’s delicious. It’s affirming everything that I believe in terms of how consciousness actually physically creates the known universe. It’s so completely mind-blowing and amazing. We literally assemble the molecules of matter through our consciousness. We are literally creators of our lives down to the smallest details and for me, the glue that holds it all together is Source/God/Goddess. What are you reading these days, baby-girl?

        I love you so much, sis.


      5. Oh, my, Lizzy!

        That sounds like an incredibly INTERESTING, WONDER of a read! And I love the sheer nature of us creating our experiences. “We are literally creators of our lives down to the smallest details and for me, the glue that holds it all together is Source/God/Goddess.” This sentence reminds me to pause in gratitude, for everything and every moment. It reminds me to refuse to waste energy worrying, fretting, griping. I AM the mistress of my destiny. Thank you for the reminder.

        And as for my reading palate, I am enjoying Skyy’s debut novel, “Choices,” written when she was 25 years old. It has my Kindle ablaze with the story of four friends: Denise, Lena, Cooley and Carmen, who are navigating their way through Freedom, a fictional university somewhere in the South. I’m loving Skyy’s style, easy and humorous, inviting me into a series of up’s and down’s of these young women, who dealing with their own labors of love. Denise, the first in her college to attend college, is heading towards the limelight as a pro basketball player; Lena is a rich girl, whose dorm is named for her mother, and Lena, although dating Freedom’s basketball superstar, is slowly but surely falling for Denise; Cooley is a stunner, wowing all the girls, before she brushes up against Misha and decides to turn in her stunner card; and Carmen, a former obese beauty, has returned to college in her new persona as a thin, shapely head turner. The novel is sexy, smart. I’ve been reading it in sweet sips, unwilling to rush the plot and tumble onto the ending before I inhale its final fragrance.

        I love you more, Lizzy Love!!!


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