Wondering about Sips n Strokes

Wondering about Sips n Strokes

I am always open to different experiences, especially ones to share with people I date or friends with whom I enjoy hanging out. Last weekend I came across a concept I’d heard of several months ago, but I never fully explored.

Have you ever painted a portrait? Ever wondered about the art of painting? Ever wanted to paint someone fascinating or marveled at an artist friend doing what she does?

I have! Pondered a bit on all of the above, though I’ve never imagined what it would be to paint beside someone I am dating. Yes, I’m sure it’ll be a lovely experience, even if I’d have more paint everywhere except on my canvas what with me having the capacity to be silly or giddy, trying to give the teaching artist my fractured attention, while I’m working on impressing my date! So now you add sips along with the power of attraction, and I’m thinking you have yourself something there! Me. I’d end up the workshop comedian, my mouth firing off faster than the best in the class can sling paint.

But I’m willing to experience it.

You bring your own drink. They supply the paints, brushes, aprons, canvas and easel, etc. They do not allow outside canvases, according to the website. There are exceptions, though, for galas when students can bring their own canvases! And they strongly suggest you wear old clothes to class considering acrylic paint is not clothes friendly! ๐Ÿ™‚ Participants can reserve blocks of six seats for friends! Think about the magnitude of that. Cool, huh? Just sweet. If you’re double double dating, we are talking an elevated fun factor.

The classes are reasonable, also! Classes range from $25 to $50. It’s right in line with dating on a budget! Beautiful! There will be different teachers to assist you in creating the type of painting you wish to paint. I’m about to be speechless here!

The very next time someone invites me out I’ll suggest Sips n Strokes. Thus, if you are reading this, Darling Date, my sip of choice is Plum Wine. Who knows? Under the excitement of the bubbly and the creative energy of the crowd and the lull of attraction, I might be the next Picasso. You will never know, so do not laugh!

Passing the Toco Hills enfranchisement, I had to stop and have a picture of me snapped before the huge glass windows, behind which painted an entire class…who waved at me and the artist on the stage pointed to the business cards on the glass door. Many of the pictures propped against the window were quite lovely! Something inside of me was whispering, as I posed, “You can do it, too.” And I will admit this early Thursday morning that I only recently pondered painting. Once upon a time, I drew in my youth, and was damn good at it, good enough even to win an art school scholarship. Thing was…my writer’s heart said, “You can’t make a living as an artist. Play it safe. Teach English and write under moonlight. Why add something else to your plate?” Of course, now my heart has grown tremendously and recognizes itself creating in various mediums, no limits, and it champions, “Do it, Gyrl! Whatever you think you can do, DO IT NOW!”

My beautiful, beloved friends Nik and meeK and Clara paint! I admire their amazing talent and their tendency not to limit themselves, as they allow divinity to flow through them in other modes of creativity!

If my heart is charmed, I’ll be purchasing my own canvases and paints and brushes and allowing the Goddess to shine through me.

After all, I body-painted two members of my immediate family for a spectacular photo shoot!

And no, love, I will not be waiting too long for a date to invite me to Sips n Strokes. I just may give someone a direct order to accompany me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, when I visited the website, http://www.sipsnstrokes.com, before writing this post, I discovered the highlighted novice paintings were astoundingly breathtaking! Indeed, indeed, I’ve got to visit to determine what this sista can produce!


3 thoughts on “Wondering about Sips n Strokes

  1. Claudia, it is a wonderful experience. Kenya and I have gone together. When we decided to become one. We placed our paintings just as you walk down the stairs to our bedroom. We see them each and everyday and are reminded of what a wonderful time we had!


    1. Oh, Kiy, I am so excited to learn that you and Kenya have already relished an evening at Sips n Strokes! Okay! I’ve got to do it now. I can just imagine the pictures you created in your home, showcasing your love and that evening! I adore that you and Kenya squeeze so much of the passion of life from each experience, from each day! You teach the rest of us how to love more richly.


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