Announcing My Premiere Poetry Collection, SOFT TSUNAMI

Announcing My Premiere Poetry Collection, SOFT TSUNAMI


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The Kindle Cover of my new poetry collection

I am elated to announce my premiere poetry collection, SOFT TSUNAMI. I’ve waited years to witness the birth of this labor of love. The poems included in this collection were penned over a wide swath of years. I gave them the breath of life on yellow legal paper, in spiral-bound notebooks, on napkins and on laptops and pc’s. They are my poetic prescriptions that saved my life at different times. In the beginning, I wrote them to flex my pen and keyboard, to stretch from fiction, from short-story writing. I wrote to taste the power of words. I wrote to free myself from a musty closet. I wrote to mend my broken heart. I wrote to vent my anger, rage, sadness.

At Tuskegee Institute, before it was Tuskegee University, I began flexing my poetic pen, actually. Even had some of my work published in a student collection published by Penna Press. I held one copy (at least they sent me a copy, si?) and never remembered receiving a royalty or any other indication that it ever lived on a bookstore’s shelf. Be that as it may, that experience sparked the flames of future publications.

Then along came other publications that welcomed me into their fold of writers, and my work appeared in several anthologies and in a few magazines. I rejoiced. The works I submitted to these volumes were primarily new poems commingled with older pieces. I continued writing between the fiction-writing weekend lockdowns, and eventually, over years, my cache of poetry became seeds that would one day sprout, I knew, into books of poetry. At the time, I didn’t know I’d embrace the blessing of becoming an Indie author capable of shining because the Divine preordained all of us to shine without anyone’s approval.

SOFT TSUNAMI is available exclusively on Readers can purchase it in sections, five of them, purchase it as a complete collection, order a paperback or even buy the pdf from me directly. All you need to do is request my email address, and I will send you a PayPal request and it is done. As easy as that! I adore the availability of choice.

In the collection, I address a plethora of themes from relationship perils, desire, love, attraction, self empowerment, self-love, coming out, the need for personal recreation, bondage, fearlessness, lesbian love, longing, passion, silence and so much more. The poems are dressed out as haiku, free verse, traditional and experimental verse.

My one desire was to tell my truth, in that moment, minus apprehension of the world’s judgement. I hope it washes over your soul in wet surges of poetic artifice, allowing you to share a portion of my journey on this fabulous adventure called mi vida!

Whenever you are online, dear reader, please “LIKE” my books on Amazon and, if you’ve a predilection, write a review. It doesn’t have to be long, erudite and time consuming. Just let it be honest. Your gut reaction at that time. Buy a copy for yourself, and pick up one for a friend.

I am thrilled the Divine sent certain ones to share parts of this journey with me. Nik Nicholson and Franz-Che Lawrence stepped up to the call to read the manuscript and provide a blurb for the paperback format. Their comments are invaluable, cherished. I will forever love and appreciate them. Charlotte Shaw introduced me to one Lincoln Jude, a talented young man, whom I have never physically met, yet he is my extraordinary blessing on this publishing odyssey. I adore him, not only for his gift, but for his beneficence and willingness to share his opinion, like Imani, Leshae, Katina, meeK and so many, many others who offered me their support! Please e-mail me if you require his remarkable, artistic, cover-designing talents!

If you can, please purchase the book between a Friday and a Tuesday, as bestselling ranks are calculated within this time frame. Thank you sincerely, humbly and reverentially for your love and support and encouragement on Facebook, this blog, Twitter and in my every day! Always know that I love you all! Siempre se sabe que los amo a todos!


I Can’t Explain
Why I bowed to your stone wall the night we met
And you refused to be dismissed
By my ill-mannered etiquette
At your nerve, your non-stop verse
Of what we could do, just me and you
Talkin’ ‘bout you loved a fem with muscular arms
And fierce-tongued charm
I can’t explain
What made me spend the night in the parking lot
After the venue was locked and folks left
No one to see or hear the smooth moves you used you were so hot
Drawing me into stories of your growing up, teen years and coming out
O woman, you worked my ears
Without a doubt
But I stayed, didn’t miss a word, even after the Moon
Dimmed her front-porch light
I really can’t explain
Jeopardizin’ a brawl not comin’ home and all
Lounging with you on that upstairs sofa
Laughing as your plumed ghetto bird cut the fool and watching the Tube
Knowing I didn’t want to be caught tipping in after midnight
The next morning trailing me, an illicit shadow
Wondering why it took me hours to get up and go:
I didn’t belong to you
Nor you me, both of us with mates out on dates
Biding time, no notions of decisiveness
Really, Love, I can’t explain

Cherishing those late-night calls replete with sweet
Absolute nothings and passed-around conversations
You sharing my intellect
With anyone who could recollect
The splendiferous delight
Of chatting with a mango-voiced woman in the middle of the night
Guess I’ll never explain
Why we didn’t make love
Though I’m positive I loved you
Ms. Fear, that ole Lingering Lady, nudged her way between us
While we cuddled in lust:
You terrified of where I’d been
Me petrified of where I was going
Both of us knowing
We were already the sweetest of memories
Lo siento, pero no puedo explicar. Really…I can’t explain
And although such things I knew viscerally
I could no longer deign
Myself another story in your anthology

Our mythology
Glorious yet sordid
Cherished and abused
So I walked away not to lose
After the glory
Of loving you
Me with the grace
To release
for GVW


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