My Newly Created “Claudia Moss Electronic Press Kit”

My Newly Created “Claudia Moss Electronic Press Kit”

I am elated this morning!

My cousin, Darryl Moss, better known as “d moss,” asked me if I had an EPK. I stared at the phone, wondering what that was and searching my mental data base before I asked him. In the silence, I could feel his smile. Then he said, “It’s an Electronic Press Kit. Every artist needs one, Cuz. I thought you had one.”

This time I smiled.

No, I don’t have one right now, I thought, but I will have one before I appeared as a guest on his radio show (or so I hoped). A wonderful teacher, he quietly articulated the contents of my EPK: video clips of me performing poetry or reading from my fiction, author photos, the covers of my books, sample chapters and selections, a summary for each book, MP3’s of my poetry or fiction and clips of my online author interviews. Exciting! Most definitely, I can understand why authors and other artists need them. They are a perfect introduction. Definitively better than yesterday’s business card.

There was one challenge that arose in the making of this photo show: finding an online slide show website that allowed me to include photos, video clips, pdf’s and MP3’s. Most of the photo-show creators I discovered on Google only allow for photos. After that, premiums are requested for one to include video, music and other features in slide productions.

Therefore, I am yet asking questions of the Universe. Somewhere, somebody will share the answers I need…and all before my interview date of Monday, December 17th.

Dancing back into the blissful solitude of the morning…..


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