“Communications Chick & Motivational Marketing Maverick”

Xina Sy
Speaker Consultant Expert

I will have the pleasure of sitting down to chat with the beautifully bold, Xina Sy, on Sunday, January 13, 2013, at 12 noon, EST, on my Talkshoe Internet radio show. You can listent to our conversation by calling 724-444-7444, ID 125101, or you can log onto and look for the Claudia Moss LIVE show broadcasting at noon on this Sunday.

If you’ve ever desired to know what lies beneath the heart of Communications and Marketing, join us!

XINA SY has been speaking & consulting for well over 20 years, in the areas of business, PR, entertainment marketing, innovation, & motivation. Inspiring others to live their life’s work, she focuses on assisting others & equipping them in reaching their markets through the power of creative communication & innovative marketing techniques. Challenging her creative clients to think-outside-the-box, Sy pushes people to dream better & believe bigger! Having worked with such amazing companies as Toyota, Ford Motor Company, Macys, Sears, Target, Ashley Stewart, & many others, she strives to reach beyond corporate culture & to help individuals to let their entrepreneurial spirit soar; even within their current jobs.

Sy has worked extensively with the media & has herself been featured on CNN, The Today show, MSNBC, a regular on Fox 5, & on as a contributor for the Montel Williams Show. She has had placements in Oprah Magazine, USA TODAY, Woman’s Day, Atlanta Journal Constitution, & countless other publications. She specializes in working with indie-artists, authors, & creative entrepreneurs in not only launching their ventures, but in establishing a solid-brand presence for overall success.


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