I’m Back…

I’m Back…

I am thankful tonight to important bloggers on my radar.  They, in their own special way, even without their knowing, I suspect, have gently guided me back to my blog home.  I departed in March, thinking that I didn’t have time to blog.  I had books to write, read, review, edit.  Where would I get the extra time to blog?  Despite this thought drifting through my locs, I knew I’d return, knew I’d miss being here, connecting with you.

On this beautifully serene Monday morning, I am grateful for Nik Nicholson, poet and writer extraordinaire, for her late-night and early-morning writing conversations!  Just last night, she praised me for penning blog posts that deserved remuneration.  In her unique way, she encouraged me back.  Then Liz Casey, blogger/poet/biker babe extraordinaire, encouraged my voice when she agreed to publish the opening chapters of my coming collection, BREASTSTROKES, to her blog home, Big Body Beautiful.  In a warm, loving, sisterly home, she and other equally beautiful bloggers lifted me, made comments on my monologues in the collection, and my Soul scintillated.  Then came my writer friend, CJ Johnson, and her eclectic bag of resources and encouraging words.  She was the one who introduced me to Kimberly Brabas, a Canadian blogger, whose words cheered me on.

I was compelled to share her post on why writers should blog…so here I am, blessed!  I am a writer, and I blog.  What I realize is I blog on other virtual stages, so why not here in my other writing home.  I’m back…

Read her words and feel the positive vibrations.


3 thoughts on “I’m Back…

    1. A Happy Sunday Morning to you, Aussa Lorens!
      Oh my!
      Am just now discovering you here and am wholly elated to see you and meet you! Hello! Hola! Buenos dias! Thank you so much for taking your precious time to pause and read and leave a comment. Indeed, as my fingers fly over these keys, I am so happy to see you! Yes, I know we shall get on swimmingly well…(hand over mouth) I yet must learn how to swim. Can you believe that? And it’s not even about not getting my hair wet. Guess it’s about not taking the time to seek lessons. Anyway, smiling, do you swim? 😀
      Oh, and Aussa Lorens, I must find you and visit your blog home! It’s all so exciting!
      Well, it’s 1:47 AM here, and I am reading and bowing to not writing, claiming I’d do better to grab some shut-eye and bow to the writing again tomorrow. Mind you, I wrote nothing. Wanted to. Got in place to. But this time I think it was the location; I’m parked at the dining room table, which is open and central to the family room and TV and front door and guests and there you have it. I’ve got to knuckle down and slip on blinders and write tomorrow, which is already today. The room of my own is in the manifestation. Right now, I am hugely grateful…for everything!
      Have a fabulous Sunday!


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