Honor Your Temple

Honor Your Temple



Greetings, Beloveds!

Saludos, Amores!

I love that we are Spirits having a human experience on this plane.  Like so many of you, my journey this lifetime has taught me to love and honor myself and my temple, my body temple.  So many times simply living invites us to slip into learning to play the Comparison Game.  Hmmm.  Her legs are longer than mine!  Why was my daddy so short, leaving me three inches above midget status.  No, better yet, why, of all my sisters, was I the one to inherit this high, and I mean high, forehead.  All it’s ever given me is childhood grief from other children pointing to me, to it, and commenting loudly, “You got a B I G head!  I ain’t never seen a head as big as yours!”  Then those infamous words would be followed by some ditty like, “Big forehead!  Big forehead!” until the words segued into a song that trailed me like smoke.

Oh, here is another kicker…my mother (an angelic memory now) was beauty in its most quintessential essence.  I stood in awe of her show-stopping smile, her lose-your-way, just looking in her face features, her sassy style in hair and dress, the softness of her skin and her fierce intelligence.  But she didn’t have much heart for spanking her bevy of chicks, my siblings and me, so she left that to our oh so capable daddy.  Mama.  She was comfortable dressing us up for an outing, reading to us at the kitchen table and reporting, of course, on our daily transgressions, when Daddy returned from long, excruciating days driving his 18-wheeler, tractor trailers.  Yep, he owned two in his business, Moss Trucking.  Side note: I can admit it!  Entrepreneurship runs through my veins.  Two sisters, Chicken and Glen, Miss Know-It-All and my twin brother, Claude, Jr., got it!  I’m late, learning to harness it only now in this delicious part of my life.  🙂   My point here…kids in my Waterbury neighborhood adamantly inquired, “Is THAT y’all Mama?  Damn, she’s pretty! What happened to y’all?” 

Yet over the course of my childhood, I learned that some folks thought I possessed the cutest little body imaginable.  Other people got reeled in by my legs, others my smile, and still others by the way my butt swayed when I strolled in heels, in which I can burn a runway to smithereens!  But all of this as it was and is, I have learned to love and honor me.  All parts of me.  My breasts, my face, my body, my heart, my charm, my intelligence, my predilections, my tastes, etc.

Today, I adore Miss Claudia!

In my new Facebook picture, I am smiling up from a bed, staring into my cell’s camera, my beloved Grandma Moss’s forehead staring at the world.  And don’t think I don’t wear my hair off my forehead in public.  I do!  And when the wind flattens my locs, my heart no longer pauses.  And the most refreshing thing about it is I’ve finally accepted it and love me with it!  If I wasn’t privy to having it, oh dear, where or where would all of my brains rest?

I am loving my body temple!  I cherish my naked body and show it off every chance I get…even to myself.  Yep, there are some folks who yet bypass mirrors when they are in the bluff.  No me, said the little red hen!  I still love lotioning my limbs and dancing about like I’ve magically been zapped back to Baby Girl Claudia without a clean diaper!  Sure, I’m a nudist without the heart to tackle San Francisco, where Cousin Mary Ann tells me one can be publicly nude, your towel and purse in tow!  Oh!  One day it will be on!!!  And yes, I’m a naturist…just waiting to explore a nude beach or a nudist resort!  I’m really an adventurous soul, beneath the prim and proper demeanor I sometimes don.  (Giggles)

Do you love your body temple?

When was the last time you had a Mammogram?  I had one recently and felt a surge of GRATITUDE, despite my sweetly soft delights bemoaning the experience for three days!  That glass pinched me 22 ways from rough sex!  Thank you, Spirit!  Goddess!  Thank you for a clean slate, though!  See, I hadn’t had one in a while.  Don’t ask.  Chalk it up to life!  My gratitude, though, will not allow me to carry on in my previous “Chalk it up to life” thinking!  That, I now know, is sheer craziness.  A game of Russian Roulette I do not wish to play anymore.  Early detection, a healthy plant-based diet, exercise, a loving body consciousness and a joy of loving life—all dictate that I CONTINUE to love and honor ME!

No-money isn’t an excuse if you haven’t had a Mammogram.  Research other detection measures that are available for breast care if you don’t care for the x-rays in Mammography.  Call on the Susan G. Komen Foundation, for a mammogram and care, if cancer is detected.  You don’t have to sit in isolation.  You are not alone, like Mike sang.  It is only your wrongful thinking that is keeping you from anything that you want or need.

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this post to be so long…though I do love a mic, a laptop, a stage, a lap, some spotlight, attentive ears and, well, a captive audience.  We’re all adults, and there is no call to fabricate!  (soft laughter)

Besos para un dia Divino! 


15 thoughts on “Honor Your Temple

    1. GREETINGS, Monique!
      Thank you so much for the beauty and grace of your Presence! I am deeply honored. There is a poetic majesty in your words as well. Muchas gracias! My aim is to write with honesty, beauty and love, whenever I lift a pen or poise my fingers above a keyboard. Have a serene day, Beautiful One!


    1. Yes, ma’am, Sun Lyoness! It is I, the Siren. A delight it is to have you join me here in the WordPress blogging world! I know you already LOVE it, so I’m looking forward to following your electric posts. Mucho amor, Belleza!


  1. We must go to the nudist beach together. I will also get comfortable walking around the house nude for practice to get ready for our upcoming trip. Thank you for sharing. Love and light to you.


    1. AWESOME, Colette!
      That will definitely be a liberating and refreshing excursion! I am at home in my temple and enjoying being in the house nude. Being in a place that accepts nudity, as a naturalist, I know I will be right at home. The gratitude is all mine! Thank you for commenting. Love and light on your walk also! Abrazos


  2. So love it because we as women, sometimes obsess about the physical and neglect the internal function. Every year, I do what I call a “body assessment” by standing before a full size mirror in the nude…lol. Then I turn left and right and then right and left to remind myself, this is my temple and I love it. If by chance, I’m dissatisfied with the appearance, I set goals to firm, tone, ect. Oh, I know it will never be perfect, but as long as I am pleased with the results, I feel better. Thank you for reminding us to take stock of the internal as well as the external. Salute my sister, salute.


    1. Greetings, Talk Tuskegee!
      Thank you kindly for not only visiting my blog home but leaving a comment as well! I wholly agree with you, and I stand in that mirror daily! Whenever I desire to change something about it, I move forward lovingly! Please feel free to visit whenever you like. Your words will ever be welcome here.
      Ase, sister, ase!


  3. I always find solidarity when I read another soul’s struggle with their temple. I also become acutely aware of my contradictory love of self. I feel beautiful and ugly at the same time. I feel like this immense light pierced by darkness. During the reading I mentally listed body parts I wish were smaller, longer, flatter, smoother, thicker and other features that would be great if they were entirely different.

    I try to remind myself that I am a spirit bound in flesh so I don’t allow a rearing of being measured to an impossible standard to consume me. I never speak against other women’s bodies or style, and that one thing has taught me to be gentler with what I say to myself about myself… Oh, and I read blogs written by beautiful women celebrating their temples and celebrate mine’s a little in between the lines of eye rolls and sighs as ego tries to crush the freedom I am seeking in my temple.


    1. Now, this response, Nik, ought to be a blog entry itself, and certainly there is the genesis of a poem in this beautiful line: “Oh, and I read blogs written by beautiful women celebrating their temples and celebrate mine a little in between the lines of eye rolls and sighs as ego tries to crush the freedom I am seeking in my temple.” Simply beautiful!

      We are all seeking….


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