Night Beach

Night Beach

There is something to be learned from fear, as with all things…and people. This is a photo of a night beach. Walking it at midnight, you might discover fear tapping gently or banging rhythmically within your bosom. Will the waves snatch you from the sand and into the great dark depths of a watery deep? What lurks in the waves? Does it have serrated teeth, scales and/or claws? Will the sand bite? Who might stroll out of the darkness? The questions are infinitesimal, and can bludgeon your heart with unreal imaginings heavy enough to staunch breath!

Fear, like your mind on a night beach, has the capacity to run amok. And if left unexamined, it will hurl you into a black sea replete with every monster and catastrophe known and unknown to humankind.

Last night I brushed up against a night beach. In the middle of my covers, my heart raced. Nerves frayed. My mouth dried, and paranoia fingered my locs. I was perfectly safe…from the weather, hunger and imminent harm, so why?

“What was my dilemma then?”

In a nano moment, I bowed to fear. Imagining I’d not rise in time to conduct a talk show I didn’t have scheduled. Believing I needed to be doing something I wasn’t at the moment. Thinking I wouldn’t have time to do all that I needed to do.

And when I realized the mind, my mind, had created the stress I was feeling in a fraction of a second, I became still and faced what was happening, utterly Present.

That is when I realized my fear sprang out of my thoughts of inadequacy. So, just like that, I changed them. Without words, I reminded myself I was blessed, safe and wonderful! I became grateful for the fearful moment. I slowed down and discovered I’d run over myself. There was no show planned for the next day! Had there been, I was already prepared. And then another thought became real: the mind could not determine if I was actually in a perilous state. Same as fear stole in and momentarily crushed my joy, so, too, could I impress my mind with what I wanted to create, to experience, to taste. Via my choice (my decision) and thoughts, I could change my life.
Now it is one thing to read this…and wholly another to experience it for yourself.

FEAR NOTHING. FEAR NO THING. Move through it to learn what it desires to teach you.

When you do, a night beach becomes an experience, something beautiful and whatever conscious or unconscious encounter you seek. So why not stand at the helm of your ship and co-create with the Universe!
Love this journey. Have faith. And LIVE.


Besos y abrazos


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