And Beauty Is Her Name…

And Beauty Is Her Name…


I enjoy my multitude of various Facebook groups. This photo comes from one of those groups, the Nudists As Naturists. This beauty is FOLA, and Mike Modernday Mogul, a New York, New York-based photographer photographed her. FOLA’s jet skin against the yellow background is awe inspiring. I’d love to be photographed nude with Mike Mogul behind the lens. His creative eye is keen, bold. Instead of being photographed in a studio, no matter how artsy, I’d opt for a beach, at dawn or sunset, or just before a storm, when the sky is a remarkable shade of fuchsia and turquoise.

Would you ever do a nude shoot? If so, in what setting?

Mike Modernday Mogul has his own Facebook page and can be found under the name here. KUDOS, Mike, KUDOS!


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