Shakira and Rihanna are two of the hottest artists on today’s music scene. I’m a music-loving lesbian, and as such, their performance in this video satisfies different layers of my Being. Their contrast in skin color and hair hues and racy garments and their similarities in vibrancy, spice and sensuality command my applause. I admire their audaciousness to take on the wrath of public opinion and homophobic whispers to continue growing as artists and performers to do something different in music videos. This one reminds me of Shakira’s “Beautiful Liar” collaboration with Beyonce, minus, of course, the cheek-grabbing or intimacy that resembles Hawaiian lays kissing. Sure, I understand why the Shakira/Rihanna combination is safe to purr for many. No matter what they are doing, I don’t care if they stood up and climbed one another, they are, as far as I know, straight women, and no matter if their caressing, to me, insinuates a latent desire that cannot be forgotten, even as they croon about letting him go, they are behind the velvet rope of social acceptance…primarily, although some folks would simply like to see such coupling behind closed doors…and preferably, their doors. Nonetheless, I can dance beyond the song’s lyrics to relish the explosion of sensuality squared. And make no mistake, I am for freedom of speech, so I read a few of the more colorful YouTube comments under the video, some decrying the fall of the artists to looking like strippers (and?) and others adding how the lyrics were weak so the ladies resorted to making the video, but being my say is the most important, at least here, I say, “Carry on, Lovelies! My clit loves it.”


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