Without Balance You Are Missing You

Are you balanced?

I’m just now catching up with myself to realize that I’m not and haven’t been for sometime. How do I know? Well, when I’m engaged in a task and I’m there without a stop time in mind, I know that I’m out of balance. I wear my body out working on a task so long that I don’t pause to rest my eyes. I don’t take a necessary walk to feel the sun and wind on your face and be kissed by the day. I rarely leave time to hang out, if but on the phone. Not good, I know! But I’m thinking, I’m task-oriented, and surely that’s laudable, right? Wrong! Everything in moderation, Mama!

I’m in a body, and I must appreciate that. I allow my life to pass me by if I’m not cognizant that all things have a stop and start time. I love Walter Mosley’s thinking of going to bed early and rising early to write for 3 hours. Period. After that, he goes out to visit with friends and enjoys a long walk. I’ve read that other writers take that approach for clearing their heads to determine where the mental blockage is so that they can carry on with the plot and characters and any challenge that inevitably found its way to the forefront of their day’s writing.

Because I slowed to allow the revelation that I was horribly out of balance to catch up with me, I am now enjoying this Monday in a different way. With these imported YouTube waves on my laptop and a Mason jar of fresh detox juice (beets, carrots, ginger, apple and cucumber) to my right, along with a half gallon ow detox water (purified water with sliced cucumbers with the peel, sliced lemons and shaved ginger), I am ready. There is order.

The list of things to do before me directs me to TAKE LIFE ONE THING at a time, ONE WEEK AT A TIME. That means I have decided to reign myself back in. No more spending inordinate amounts of time on Facebook. (Once I tip into those luscious waters, the writing goes OUT the window! Now mind you, I LOVE Facebook and, most importantly, my friends there! But the writing will not write itself. And as Tom Clancy said, “Do not write to commit art. Finish the damned thing.”) On Mondays, I will do what I am doing now, blog. And post my new Vlog to YouTube! With the bogs and Vlogs up, off they go to the virtual stages I make time to enjoy: Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Just so you know, I’m TheLadyBestseller on YouTube, although I’m there under Claudia Moss as well. How did that happen? Doing too much, as usual. I enjoy referring to my knee-baby sis as Miss Know It All, but I need to crown myself under the aforementioned title! 🙂

Mind you, I’m not saying to have something to do is bad. I’m saying select one goal from your List of Things To Do, and do that WELL. With a plethora of things to do, you actually DO nothing. I know! Of late, I’ve been exceedingly successful at completing timed and untimed objectives, because of my inner voice whispering softly, lovingly, “Stop, Lil Mama. Breathe. Meditate. Sleep early. And wake early. Write. Then stop.” It said everything but, “Smell the roses!” But that wasn’t lost in the translation. 🙂

In the midst of my balance, I pause to quietly determine which of the writing projects on my laptop I will embrace next. Hmmm. I know which one it is. In the morning, in my Goddess Moments, I will meditate on the project while I relish the shower spray on my skin, as I oil and fluff my locks and lotion my skin and dress. I will allow Spirit to download all the mystery and magic of what I need to jump on the assignment with vim and vigor. I will open myself.

Let me not forget, I will also give myself a completion date, and hold me to it. Now if I am not finished, I will be flexible enough to modify it and carry on. In addition, this time, at the completion of this project, which is a novella, I shall put it away…and revisit it a bit later. Then I’ll utilize an editing service.

I will admit that I am a former English teacher, with writing-competition wins under my belt and recognition from a queue of people who enjoy my work. Although that may be true, I’m seeking Beta Readers to add to the two I love and adore. So since it is on my mind and under my fingertips, I shall ask the Universe today. Once I’ve workshoped the story through my readers, then I will send it to the writer to whom it is promised.

We writers must learn to be selfish in a positive way. Or…is that an anomaly?

Deep in my soul, I feel I am already successful. Had I continued to burn the candle at both ends, remaining up around the clock, I’d surely be heading somewhere I don’t wish to be. Shucks! It feels great to climb in bed early and rise with the sun.

On Facebook recently, I made a vow to join my beloved friend, Imani Evans, in CREATING LOVE in the world! Well, I begin by creating love for myself…and radiating it out to others. Now I believe I can do that and have been doing it in a number of ways. Am open to new ways of showing love to others, even down to a smile to someone who might be thinking I’d never smile at him or her.

Have a great day, Beloveds! Be loving to yourself and others!


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