Simply Skyy is Simply Sensational!

Simply Skyy is Simply Sensational!

Greetings, Beloveds,

Patiently, I’ve waited for that moment, the one I always know, when I am to sit and enjoy a book(s), thoughts of which have faithfully entwined themselves in my locs, quietly letting me know that our time to commune together had arrived. Uninterrupted, enjoyable time! That time finally came when I pressed my Kindle Fire’s on button and thumbed the catalog of books there to stop on Skyy’s CHOICES. A while back I’d excitedly purchased her entire canon, from CHOICES to CONSEQUENCES to CROSSROADS to FULL CIRCLE and on to INDISCRETIONS.

I am elated I trust and adore my choices, my reading palate.

Skyy’s shelf of writing didn’t disappoint me. I absolutely loved each book and promptly fell in love from the first page. Her writing style and pace are wonderful. That Skyy serves a full-course meal, when she sits to weave a tale that leaves her readers enchanted. On each occasion I sat to read, I’d tell myself I’ve time for five chapters and end up devouring that many more, neglecting chores and burning food, situated, as I was, on Freedom’s campus (a campus I know from attending historically Black, Tuskegee Institute, a mirror of the fictional Memphis university) and moving delightedly beside Denise, Cooley, Lena, Carmen and Misha. They were more than a cast of characters. They were people I could see and relate to on the silver screen of my mind. After I powered down the Kindle Fire, Skyy’s group would meander through my thoughts, inviting me to plot out more time so that we could catch up again.


Denise Chambers, the quiet basketball player with the chiseled arms and gentlewoman demeanor, commands respect. You can’t help but want to be in her corner and help her with anything she needs, desires. I found myself longing for Lena Jamerson to realize that she loved Denise and allow herself to fall into Denise’s arms over and over again. Skyy did an excellent job of culling the extended tension between these two as I read through the series, even as I read out of order, somehow thinking the paperback I’d bought of FULL CIRCLE was the final novel. Yep, there were several questions that arose in the reading that let me know I’d skipped CROSSROADS, and when I returned to read it on my Kindle (I’d forgotten I had it), those questions and the whole experience of reading out of order didn’t matter at all. The story was scrumptious!

Back to CHOICES, that Carla “Cooley” Wade is the perfect bruh for Denise, her stellar opposite. Her willingness to “smell all the flowers in the garden” is refreshing. As she smells and tastes, I am thinking, “Goodness, Skyy, please don’t let my girl come across some tainted nectar. If so, I am going to be fighting mad and on the brink of whipping somebody’s fem azz if not but in a daydream! Thank you, Skyy, that never happened, although you served up the DRAMA for the Killer Cap!” And in CROSSROADS when she— Okay, I will admit it, I will tell a movie. Call me the spoiler. Yet I’ll stop, Beloveds. I’m turning over a new leaf, though there is nothing like reading a novel for yourself.


That little Lena was delectable, in more ways than one. I adored her through the series I don’t give a who-who if she couldn’t make up her mind. Shucks, sometimes I can’t make mine up either. That mother of hers, Karen, was enough to leave a sistah addled, rattled and scattered. Gee! But I will say that if you keep reading, oh fickle reader, and you know who you are, you will fall in love with Miss Lena, too, and not only because she is a juicy tidbit! Miss Mama walks up to what she wants in the end, Honey! Okaaaay! Jamerson style. Forget Redding wannabe!


Oh my! I loved that Carmen, with her curly-headed self! She was the peacemaker for me, that rational one ever able to help one of her best friends pull it back in the middle of the road when the muck that outrageous. I did want to whip her, and that’s a good thing, considering in life the same thing happens when we love family and friends and others we may never meet. That Tameka, the chick she was head over heels about and continued to go back to after breaking her heart too many times to count, made me want to come looking for her with a water hose, just not to shoot her. I had to remind myself that Carmen needed Tameka in her life. She supports Carmen in the ability to recognize Nik, the unconditionally loving young woman Carmen eventually marries.


Now Skyy matches Misha and Cooley well, same with the other couples in the series. My heart aches, however, when I realize Cooley is in Love’s deep water, alone. That chick desires to kiss the color off Misha, who can’t seem to bring herself to return the depths of the attraction Cooley feels…hand over mouth, even if their sex is “mucho caliente sin fuego”! Ever want to be a fly on the wall for a quick second? Just until you can hover above while Skyy’s pen does its thing: passionately spilling inked fire between Denise and Lena, Lena and Danni, Carmen and Nik, Coley and Misha and Mariah and Denise!! Oh my goodness! How dare I forget the incinerating flames between Cool and Sahara! It was Now or Never, for real, throughout the series.

I learned many things while reading, was reminded of that much more. Truly, everything does work itself out. That makes me thing of Misha caught in her webbed mess with Patrick. Did I admit I adored Misha, too? What I loved about that little sexy Mama was her helping Cool get Sahara back in the last book! I sit back and release a satisfied “Aaaaaaaaah!” for it all. Super wrap up, Skyy!

Huh uh! I learned that Skyy is a masterful storyteller. Let’s all hope she continues writing. The twists and turns that the gang takes through the books are laudable. That Melanie at the end, Beloved Reader, you will love. I promise. You will sigh over how she is connected to Denise and Mema. Mema’s voice in Denise’s head when she wants to cut the fool at hearing Melanie’s traumatic news is healing. Hey, stuff happens, and always for a reason.


Appreciation is extended, Skyy, for you allowing us to see your growth and maturation, while reading the series. You just kept getting better and better! I was slowing myself down not to race to the end. Never fear criticism. You know there are those, like me, who will say a work warrants editing…or more editing. What I’ve learned is that I don’t care who you are, whatever you release can be said to require a bit more editing. Heck, you can edit yourself out of time in your life. You can edit yourself into never writing another word. Editing is like that. I’m glad you sing and dance after completing each book. That lets us know you will NEVER let anything hold you down again.

Since I was basking in the afterglow of the Freedom series, I read and relished INDISCRETIONS too. Loved it! Ever take the initiative in this life. Snatch that chance (in this case, the writing of your novella)
and run like you have the winning baton and the rest are miles behind you!

Now where are those movie scripts?


Beloveds, if you have not yet sampled Skyy, serve yourself a feast and get to it! For what are you waiting? Visit her on Besitos!


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