Nakkid: A Poem

Nakkid: A Poem


Seems nobody wants to be nakkid
On view
for all the world to see our colors muted, refuted
like this script
unacceptable to mainstream print

be that so, I no longer want to live
outside of vulnerability
afraid to be nakkid
hiding from you and me
ashamed to want desire need

I want to be open
a wasteland asking to be restored
asking to be explored
susceptible to you seeing that I’ve
burdens I sometimes abhor

I long to undress my wounds to the light
to the air for how else
will they be healed
bound, wrapped, interred below
the things we’re all afraid to see to own

free fall
hear the empty space my scream
is caught up on
my body, my limbs, my inside
aflame with exhilaration
I want to call you
to the real me
terror and glee married in my culpability

make me a debt
I pay you
my duty to be true
an obligation to stay, not run
when our hazard threatens to mete more from me
than my indebtedness can meet

I blame me for being clothed too long
subjecting myself to society’s notion of indecency
keeping me from me
us from us
the liability of such a deed
one of the reasons for our estrangement

I peer out of the window of myself
no longer willing to defend
for I’m not at war
got no reason to pick a side
I’m at peace
aligning myself against no thing

Divine, I am
accountability open to attack
spread to criticism
soft before temptation
There can be no assault
If I’m not fighting back

Why? I’m raw emotion
an organic love
an onus lifted from your breast
against my flesh, in my softness
nude, I stand outside of hurt

I’ve a compulsion
to meet your incubus
in nightmare or dream
with eyes wide open
to love or lust
Nakkid and free

© Claudia Moss 4/15/2014 1:50 AM



4 thoughts on “Nakkid: A Poem

  1. NAKKID works for me 🙂 Very nice.      Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.                                                                              Nikki Giovanni


    1. Hi, Dee!
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate you. LOL Yes, NAKKID works for me as well! 🙂 There is something about saying it that way that takes me back to childhood, when we said, “Oh my God! She’s nakkid!” That was almost worst than being naked and also nude. Then again I love the poem in which the line reigns, “How naked go the sometimes nude.” Shucks, I’m a naturalist, and a nudist!

      Loving Nikki’s quote! I intentionally decided upon the spelling of NAKKID…like Nikki’s unique punctuation flair!

      Don’t you just love this thing called writing?


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