Stacey M. Rice fans sensual flames in “Erotic Tones…Sensual Moans”

Stacey M. Rice fans sensual flames in “Erotic Tones…Sensual Moans”

STACEY M. RICE, a self-proclaimed author, has given voice, and a beautifully sensual voice, to the words of her heart in her premiere collection, Erotic Tones…Sensual Moans: A Mixture of Sensual Erotic Poetry & Short Stories.

Passion, release, adoration, love and longing lace her hypnotic words like a thick, rich honey. I was drawn into her powerfully satisfying poetry from the first page. Her writing voice is as soft as that of the persona in “When She Speaks,” and I, her willing reader, savored the soothing, dripping eroticism in each stanza. I loved the mixture, the caliente gumbo, of the arrangement of poetry and short fiction, the entire work resonating in my head and my heart. Rice has penned a collection that bears the soul. If I were without the gift of words, and longed to paint the colors of my heart to a beloved, I would present her with Stacey Rice’s collection.

There were so many delights as I read.

Readers will recognize the issues that lovers encounter, exposed like petals of a blossoming flower, artfully displayed and arranged. In “Is It So Wrong?” she writes of the longing in wanting that one night of passion with a beloved. In “Timeless,” she sets her pen to breathing life into what it means to possess a timeless love, to appreciate it when it shows up in your life, and cultivate it with a passion. I inhaled “Soft.” A lover has accused the poem’s persona of being “soft,” and by the nature of its tone on the page and in lesbian life, especially in reference to a butch or stud, its intent is meant as a slight. But the prowess of Rice’s confident, poetic pen leaves this affront spinning on its head:

“Whatever you say
I’ll be soft for you, baby
But only for today
See, I have no problem
Surrendering my reins
Just not forever, baby
’cause, shit, I’m still
Running thangs.”

Getting the situation straight while yet caressing the fem who uttered such sass, the persona unleashes the power in allowing to get what she wants or keep what she has. Shared power can be intoxicating, and it takes confidence to maintain the throne’s grace. Yes, Rice gets it in!

“All She Wants Is…” brought a smile and a nod. Rice’s artistry in articulating, with meter and rhythm, what the persona desires in her lover is priceless.

I so enjoyed and loved the poetry in this collection. “You Wouldn’t Say” is a reticent gem. Sometimes we don’t say what we hope another gleans in our eyes, in our touch, or in the things we do for a lover. In the poem, Stacey invites me to stop and be in this stanza for a while, its beauty simple, eloquent and intoxicating:

“You wouldn’t say
But you wanted me
To touch you
You wouldn’t say
But you wanted me
To hold you
You wouldn’t say
But you wanted me
To control you

I listened to everything
You wouldn’t say”

Reading this work made me seek a quiet corner in a serene night, sink back into a comfortable chair and loose myself in each poem. Stacey brought me to a state of surrender, the music of her stanzas and diction piercing, beautiful and plump with all the colors of the rainbow, soft yet hard, a true sensual treat.

And if Rice’s poetry is a caress, her short fiction is a rendezvous of sensuality. The stories were vibrant with life, immersing me immediately into the mix of characters and their situation. Goodness, I loved “OOOH BOI.” It reminds me that studs or butches can fall in love, too, that we are women underneath the labels, which Sam and Gina discovered, after a workout at the gym. Instead of throwing up weights, the lovers find themselves entwined in passionate matches of control and its release, both caught up in looking past friendship and opening to the beauty of the moment.

I understand the opening of the story “She Makes Me.” Something told me, too, that I was probably playing with fire, as I sat to imbibe Stacey’s words, but, as her unnamed character says in the story, “…sometimes you just have to touch the flame anyway.” I touched the flame, like she touched Wanda in the story, and oh boy, am I ever glad I did!

“Thrill of the Chase” is the story of a charming, bookshop owner, whose mystery lady, the one she frequently sees in the park, walks into her shop, and their romance ensues. The twists were melodic sound bytes of extemporaneous heat. Sheila and Nicole are magic together. Like these protagonists, other lovers, in distinctly different situations, open to covert passion that ever breathes just beneath the skin, waiting knowingly on the right time to blossom.

Poetry is embedded in the fiction, which makes reading Rice even more of a wonderful experience.

In short, Stacey M. Rice writes eloquently of the multitudinous ways to love a woman! A retired Air Force veteran, Rice can never retire from love and crafting its wonder for our pleasure. You would do well, readers, to brave the flame!

EROTIC TONES…SENSUAL MOANS: A MIXTURE OF SENSUAL EROTIC POETRY & SHORT STORIES can be found on Amazon as a paperback book.…Sensual+Moans


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