A Call for Submissions for…TO HONOR THE HEART

A Call for Submissions for…TO HONOR THE HEART



As a rape survivor shattering years of silence, I am compiling approximately 50 stories to include in an anthology of power, grace and forgiveness entitled TO HONOR THE HEART: women’s stories of rape.

An anthology of this nature has not been written since Charlotte Pierce-Baker shared her survivor story along with those of 11 other women and 5 men (men’s stories about the women they loved who were raped) in SURVIVING THE SILENCE: black women’s stories of rape. Pierce-Baker’s collection was published June 17, 2000.

This new anthology is long overdue.

I am seeking SUBMISSIONS from ALL women (African, Asian, Black, Indian, Latina, Native, White and all other ethnicities; bi, lesbian, pansexual, straight, trans, etc.) who have survived the trauma of rape and molestation.

You are being invited to participate in this ground-breaking anthology, a loving space to embrace all of our voices in telling the unspeakable to unburden and honor the heart. If you have never shared your story with another soul, now is the time to tell. If you have already shared your story as a rape survivor, this is another opportunity for you to connect with a wider audience.

The way forward is to tell. Our telling forms a much-needed community of voices. Telling is an act of courage that may help save a wounded woman screaming silently inside.

If you are in the surrounding area, in or outside of Atlanta, GA, you can arrange to meet with me, and I will interview you to record your telling, if you prefer.

This Call for Submissions will culminate in a printed and a digital publication. I am open to the following types of submissions: personal narratives/essays and poetry.


* Personal narratives/essays: 800 to 1500 words
* Poetry: 3 poems or no more than 1000 words
* Submissions should be in Microsoft Word, one-inch margins
* You are free to use a pseudonym if anonymity is necessary.

Deadline for Submissions is JANUARY 31, 2015.

Send your submission to MissClaudiaMoss@gmail.com with the subject line as follows:

To Honor the Heart submission — [First name] and [Last name]

(Please direct all questions about your submission to me at MissClaudiaMoss@gmail.com.)



10 thoughts on “A Call for Submissions for…TO HONOR THE HEART

    1. Blessings Sunflower!
      Hi! I am so elated to read your message. YES! Please submit your story. I am in the process of changing the deadline so that I can receive more submissions. Your words are welcome! Submit and encourage others to do the same!
      Peace and love,

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      1. Morning Sunflower!

        It would’ve been just fine to ask your questions here, but I think you did so via my email. And that’s cool, too! I’ll be returning to you soon from there! It seems I’m overflowing with things to get done these days! Yet no worries…I’ll respond, if I haven’t done so already. 🙂

        Peace and Blessings,

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