“At the Point of Recognition”

“At the Point of Recognition”

Judgement dissipates
Walls fall
Distance vanishes
emotion calms
in all our familial years
I glean you
awash in pain palpable
flushed through
in the winds surrounding
your stacked cards.
The perception clear of how
it is
in your
Couldn’t have arrived
without softly padding to your
bedroom door
brewing simmering thoughts.
In the telling
I listen
am judged.
With vulnerable eyes
you reveal
the angst of aching gums
sliding teeth
in a near toothless mouth
the apprehension in
stained breath
when talking to strangers
an epiphany of how round
your middle
indigestion woes
from poor chewing
your matrimony wishes.
Finally, I understand you.
Aware of my boon
I cross the room.
Nothing to do
but embrace you,
whisper, “It’s alright, sis,”
and recede
grateful for
communication and

(c) Claudia Moss 4/4/2015


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