I plunge out of sorts
forget falling out of time
back against the wind
I plummet, Zephyr-lashed eardrums
emotions wound in knots
undone over crap
in somebody else’s dream
It doesn’t even seem believable now
once the scenes in my Present shift
It’s never personal I remind myself, no matter
what she does
what they think
what she says
Everything springs from what others believe within themselves
where I don’t actually care to be
I’ve got my hands full owning my own peace and revelry
love and light
So tell me why am I’m puffing like a chimney?


I reign myself back to that expansive, still core
breath surfing and receding
guiding me to the day’s places where my
cart hit glitches
allowing me to face truth and those indomitable
that Judge in my head spews suggestively
thinking I’ll die to my peace of mind
oh no
no no
not for long
I go motionless, direct my mind to take that inevitable backseat
so I can regulate me
from the inside out
the path of true serenity

I don’t begrudge the overturned
apple cart
the practice blessed to self-adjust, to self-tweak
bring myself back from the brink
The insanity of taking things personally
and opting beyond my best
creating emotional unrest and anarchy
A string of quiet riots cordoned off
inside me, the lady in blue
policing self

I love me much too much to not honor
my righteous state of tranquility
even though Sometimes happens
Tis true it can never last
only stopping in to make me laugh
observe what angers me
and walk another path to

(c) Claudia Moss 4/15/2015


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