“I think Ramona’s right…”

“I think Ramona’s right…”

what with her notions on walking
or simply spending time
with a friend,
strolling and talking.
Whether night or day
the aim in the end
is to enjoy the moment
releasing worries
like a bouquet of red balloons
in a Parisian sky.

Songwriters understand
walking’s allure
“Walk It Out”
“Take a Walk
on the Wild Side.”
Walking is an
to life,
a charge to wake from daydreaming
and sleep walking,
a plea to somnambulists

What I know for sure
as Oprah quips,
is Ramona’s so right.
Can’t stand still
watching your days drift by
resisting change.
I can’t walk down
your dreams.

Walking, I’ve perceived,
seduces detachment
liberating us from
the yoke of
inspiring us to
free our minds—
our day sometimes weighted
imperfectly sated with
what keeps us
mentally constipated.

But that Ramona Crisstea
makes it all look
this business of Ramona walking
in long legs
under brunette curls
in soft-spoken skirts
beside festive red phone booths
in jet nights.

It would be nice
to call her, hear
the music in
her accent.
But I

Am back on course
closing this PC lid
to pull on my Nike’s.
Though I’d love to
walk Stone Mountain trails,
for now this treadmill will do.
Meditation’s my intent
and exercise too!

(c) Claudia Moss 4/21/2015


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