“Oh, How I Loved that Woman”

“Oh, How I Loved that Woman”

for Corey, whose poem made me howl with laughter

I met her at a crowded house party
on the concrete floor of a Piedmont Park
patio. She smiled and winked at me, the
summer breeze scented with the commingled
joy of dancing bodies.

Her name was Jalisa. I’ll never
forget it. Her eyes were an insane green.
She was truly a many splendid thing.

She regaled me with roses in every hue.
Plied me with scents from France, no chance
of whiffs I’d mistake for department store
or last season. Now she, she was a memorable
perfume distillery.

But no. Not Jalisa. I remember now.
Her name was Catherine. Yes, Catherine.
Yet…it may have been Kupenda. That sounds
about right. Course it really could have
been Brenda or Catherine Kupenda! Oh yes!
That’s it!

I loved her choices of restaurants and
movies. At planning dates, she was great,
the absolute best, this woman. Only five-star
places for me, her lady love. White table
clothes, wine without checking the price,
and silver screens practically a few feet
away. She was something deliciously

I have it now. Don’t know how I
could forget. Dani. Yes, I think her name
was Dani. No, but wait. Rebecca, yes, that
might be it, though Patricia feels right.
Hmmm. Candace. Joy. Kit. Uh uh. Couldn’t
have been. I’d have certainly remembered a
Kit or a Kip. Marvella, that’s who she was!

She made me laugh uproariously. I’ve always
adored a woman who could leave me with tears
in my eyes, crying from my sides cracking.
She could’ve been a comic, performing
to sold-out audiences on Comic Central and
The Jimmey Kimmel Show.

Tree. Could her name have been
Tree? Or Treelisa? No, Tangie. Then
again somewhere I recall it was Zee.
That can’t be so. Oooh. Maybe it was
a color. Something like Blue. Red.
Pretty Black. But I may be forgetting
it was a flower name. Chrysanthemum.
Rose. Not Lily. But Sage has that ring.
Yes, it was Sage!

Oh, how I loved that girl! She was my breath,
my utter happiness. Now that one, she rested
on the top of the Bell Curve. I swear, I will
remember her regardless of who I’m with or
where I go. That woman was the love of my life!

(c) Claudia Moss 4/24/2015


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