“Pillars Topple”

“Pillars Topple”

for Spoken Pandora, who inspired me

Strong Black Woman
Come in out of yourself
where you are the pillar for not only
but everyone else.

Come. Sit.
Let this moment
segue to peace
beyond understanding.
Shush others from demanding
how you spend your time.
No more are you the
work horse of
your days.
Submit your resignation
Like a cloak of dark locusts
Depression shadows you
from within
radar close
Strong Black Woman,
you are the victim of erroneous
communal, no,
national belief
that we are so
the myth of our
precedes us,
the perfect spokesperson.
Remember Sojourner’s inquiry:
“Ain’t I a woman, too?”

Excuse me,
Strong Black Sister,
while I escort
your Superwoman to the door.
Let her harry
someone else who may not
the burden
of a Superwoman’s yoke.
Revoke the lies.
We aren’t fierce enough
to put God out of a job.
Lobby for you
for life.
I’ve met the Lady of the Knife.
Some call her Madam Depression.
As the kids say,
“She ain’t nothin’ nice.”

Be Jesus at the temple door.
Turn the sellers in your soul out
that Lady will slay you
from the inside out.
Make like an e-mail.
Tap the button. Touch the
screen. Learn how to send
other folks’ issues
back to sender.
And it’s not being mean.
How can it?
The act of kindness
starts with you.

Sadness visits us all
though she, like Depression,
should never possess a permanent
Those two, if left un-
will walk you
the way of
through the back door
down the steps
into the year
where you’re bound
to implode. Behold…
Deny not truth.
Drowning your sadness
Retailing your woes
are not the
way to go.
Seek therapy—
they say us
Strong Black Women
never require
even when it’s dire
and we’re slipping into

We are One,
Strong Black Woman.
So elated you came in
out of wrongful thinking.
Redress every
thing from your thoughts
to society’s image of you,
an Invisible Woman.
Think Ellison
whose man went unseen
too. Pull Ephiphany’s dress
tail. Invite the light.
Choose life.
You don’t have to be
a print
Mama’nem framed. Just
make the decision
to reclaim
Strong Black Woman.

Pillars topple, too.

(c) Claudia Moss 4/26/2015


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