* * *

through the storm and the pain
the wind and the rain
the memories and the former taint.
Though circumstances sometimes rise up
funnel and uproot
buckle and pollute my terrain,
my inner me remains


Yes, it’s true…whatever you’ve
heard. I’ve been raped
sexually abused
held down
even discounted.
Despite bad, sad things looming
like terrorizing trolls on
a bridge,
I can never be
I’m the grace of those
who came before me,
a prototype
for those
coming after me.


Read the memo. I AM more than a lover.
I’m a conqueror
conquering the wilderness
of self.
I buoy me.
In regal robes, I
wrap these gentle, stalwart
in the warmth
that no one or nothing
mars the stroke
of the spiritual brush
that paints me
Squelch my beauty. No such


Look. I AM an explorer
discovering new regions
within myself.
Still standing, I
don’t mind
others knowing
where I’ve been.
The gem is in
where I’m going.
Not hiding
beyond quaking
only celebrating
any idiosyncrasy
you might discover
about me.
See, I L O V E me
in all of who
There are no regrets.
Where I’ve been
makes for the best of me.

Methuselah, a bristlecone pine,
my branches lifted to the skies
for over 5,000 years.
Believe me. You
and what army
gonna dull my shine?

deeper than a Faulkner novel,
Yoknapatawpha County at a loss to
tell my story.


I reflect on the roads
I’ve known,
roads like detours
filled with years of
interred silence.
But they couldn’t traffic me.
At the crossroads, I realized
I was still here:
the anchor beneath my ship
the sass and sexy in the wiggle in my hips.
You see the glint in my gaze?
I own the sensual and sexy all up in this place.
Rape, you will never define me.
Abuse, be my stepping stone
on my victorious climb towards
my Greater Good
on this magnanimous journey.

(c) Claudia Moss 4/28/2015


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