I Am Utopia

I Am Utopia

Fun in Summer Sun

I am Utopia
I am the day’s ecstasy
I am the bane of misogyny
never chasing
the Moment’s progeny

This chill smile on my lips
stick you to my singing silver pipes

You disappearing in the breeze, still glaring
wondering if the shield’s air-brushed beauty lost
her raiment by design
No apology. Shame got left behind

I am Utopia

I defy the typical notion of nasty
Call me Ms. Webster
I not only define, I personify
I am Nasty with Janet Jackson eyes
Am Dirty Diana on the side

I ride straight through slit gazes
sending “Check yourself” hazing
I love the wind in my hair
You’re welcome to stare

I’m Nirvana
Just fine with the frame
the Universe chose as a skein
to house my Soul in

So go on and wave
I’ll wink
You blink
There I go

    (C) Claudia Moss 5/19/2015

There is Nothing More Beautiful


10 thoughts on “I Am Utopia

  1. That one was very neat! …
    These verses really resonated with me:

    ~”I am Nirvana
    Just fine with the frame
    the Universe chose as a skein
    to house my Soul in”~

    Thanks for sharing. Best to you! Aquileana 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings Aquileana,

      Wow! thanks so very much! I so appreciate you stopping in to read and leave a comment! You know us writerly souls love THE EXCHANGE! 🙂 We are all Nirvana…if we allow it!

      Please come again. Oh, and forgive me for my tardy response. I’ve been away, enraptured in a few other projects, but passion ever returns me to the beauty of the word.

      I look forward to your visits. Igualmente! Lo mejor para ti también!


      Liked by 1 person

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