I don’t mind
’cause in the flawed I know
I could be wrong
could be leaving my good sense behind
though that’s cool with me
As long as I feel right
in the wrong—
Good sense never trumped
the high of

I’m stroking
treading B’s waterfalls
trying to leave off thinking about you
in the soft darkness of cerebral schemes
where I can still feel you
a curvaceous Venus
redefining my consciousness
in a mall dressing room.
I got no place in your life now
not even a camouflaged wink
among your friends.
So how
might I do this?
Release these dreamed schemes for one.
Eavesdrop behind
virtual distance
and if that’s not enough
I replay your messages
reread your texts
ever alert for the perfume of your
You got a girl.
I respect that.
No pretense.
But the future happens.
So if break-up turns up,
I’ve gift-wrapped memories,
a spotlight to light our way back.
And if you ever want to chuck it,
say fuck it,
you know where to find me. You ain’t
even got to seek
us in
your Canon’s memories.
Take your time but—
don’t think too long.
A head’s equivalent to a closet.
I could guide you outta shit,
be your strapped Amazon
to bring you back to you and me
where we can get it right
this time in the light. Hear me?

Reign beside me.
You can be the girl.
I just wanna be your world.
C’mon, baby.
Monsoon my desserts.
Overflow this painted smile.
Smear sugar-water in my palm, down my thigh—
That’s all?
As a lagniappe,
I’ll climax stars in your favorite dust.

Envision us
meeting, my come-on—
this three-year-old kiss
preserved so long
my tongue must bow to bliss
even if
this whole fantasy is
a fast and furious
Alicia’s “Unthinkable.”
No matter.
I’m already fucked.
Can’t leave
Can’t stay

F L A W E D….

(c) Claudia Moss 10/1/2015

Flawed Image


4 thoughts on “FLAWED

    1. Morning Aquileana!
      Feliz Ano Nuevo, Amor! I knew I was here on this early morning doing more than merely posting my FIRST ENTRY of the new year. I was here to read your comment, as, forgive me, I have been doing 1,000 others things, but making my way back here nonetheless. Gracias por pensar en mí para este hermoso recomendación usted! Estoy muy agradecida! Indeed, I will graciously accept your gift!
      A Merry Christmas I pray you had, for I did! 🙂 I ever accept all of your best and reflect mine to you!! Claudia

      Liked by 1 person

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