Happy New Year 2016 & Welcome!

Happy New Year 2016 & Welcome!


Welcome to my revamped blog! I am elated to have you here, as I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to sail this voyage without you. Yes, it’s a brand new year and this is my first post of 2016. I am one day away from celebrating my 58th birthday, so writing this post at this moment is special for that and so many other reasons. In a mystical sense, it feels as if I am birthing myself. I am choosing to stand before you here, naked and nude, open and honest, laying myself across this clean space to know again the delight of vulnerability.

I’ve chosen to lead with this photo. My cousin Mary Ann snapped it up the street from her Florida home. The day shimmered. My soul expanded, free. A yellow dress, light and breathing, demands to be photographed. So I couldn’t help but lift my arms above my locks and pose. Since having this picture taken, though, I have released my Sisterlocks for loose natural hair, which I love and will share more of later.

Being one aspect of this blog is to chronicle my idea of fashion in the looks that I choose, I walked my fearlessness to center stage in the delicate way the fabric, cotton, kissed my skin. Unapologetic in daylight. The simple lines of the dress compliment, showcase. To dance in it is to know freedom. It sings arias to Florida sunshine, beach treks and admiring gazes!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016 & Welcome!

  1. I saw this photograph on Instagram …. so beautiful… The color is perfect for a dress and also like the way it highlights your curves and how you describe it over here…
    With that being said… I am wishing you an excellent 2016 ahead… Much love and success to you. Aquileana 🌟 –

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    1. Morning Aquileana!

      This is my first time reading your most wonderful response to my post! Thank you so much. I am most appreciative. Yes, I had 3 pictures of this dress and decided to share one on the blog and a collage post on IG! LOL Trying to work smart for these virtual stages I love so well!
      I humbly appreciate the gift of your presence!!
      Amor y Luz a ti tambien!

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