A Splash of White

A Splash of White

Obsessed I’ve ever been with the sheer beauty of white in sunlight! This ensemble speaks confidence and leisure swirled with a dollop of fun. I makes me feel as if I could fly, the boots the epitome of comfort, such a spin away from my usual heeled pleasure… My friend Anita says, “That outfit’s classic Claudia!”


An old West appeal with a bit of swing… You feel as if you’re on a runaway, dazzling the crowd and strutting grandiosity! A few times I had to peek down to see if I was being supercharged…



There are so many ways this net overlay, for lack of a better descriptive, can be styled…in or over a belt or chain or slipped over a bikini or even a flowing, ankle-length skirt or pencil skirt! I loved it instantly when it reached out and beckoned me from a rack of other white delights! “Can you imagine someone left me here, with tags,” it murmured. “Oh imagine the places we could go!” I was tickled, thinking of one of my fav children’s authors.
January wonder suffused the afternoon! It reigned across my highlighted cheeks and broadened my smile. It splayed my hair playfully across one shoulder. It sparkled in my eyes and lent the netted top an air of armored softness… OOTD Netted sweater – Goodwill White, long-sleeved blouse – CitiTrends White stretch jeans – Faded Glory Boots – Rampage Go conquer the world, lovelies!!!

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