Brush Crush

Brush Crush

How lovely are these beauty brushes from Sephora!  They are the Complexion Perfection brush set, and I’m excited about putting them to use in a video or for Instagram MOTD selfies. I love the design of the case, delicate and feminine, all glitz and glam. The brushes feel wonderful between the fingers and the bristles possess a firm yet silky stroke, as though the act of applying foundation, concealer and powder is an act of love. With the grace of a conductor lifting her wand to alter places within us, I pose with these bronze wands and gaze in my vanity mirror, imagining another transformation. Beauty sans utility isn’t me, so I’m rising above a persistent predilection to slip them in a pretty pail and look the golden script from the bronze.


Now although this pretty pink, nameless brush set I purchased on eBay isn’t the sparkle and swirl of the Sephora collection, I do love them, their faux-snake case, their variety, the easily cleaned bristles and the way they glide across my skin in even applications. Yes, I make ample use of my fingers when applying foundation and concealer on occasion, but there’s nothing like caressing well-crafted tools of beauty.

What are your fav brushes? Do you use your fingers as beauty tools sometimes, too? 🙂




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