My Second Award: The One Lovely Blog Award

My Second Award: The One Lovely Blog Award


Oh my goodness! I AM wholly charmed! This is my second blog award and the new year has yet to bow to January to curtsy February to her throne! I am grateful for the sensational Sarah, the beautiful blogger who blogs in riveting splashes of red, for nominating my blog for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Be sure to visit her blog to experience it for yourself.

As with all awards, there are rules, and here are the guide lines for this auspicious award:

• Thank the person who nominated you, including a link to her blog.
• List the rules and include the award badge in your acceptance post.
• Add seven facts about yourself.
• Nominate fifteen other bloggers and notify them of their nomination.


1. I am a fraternal twin, who looks like my late paternal grandmother, Sophie Mae, while my brother is a carbon copy of our late paternal grandfather.

2. I love to perform burlesque and fan dance.

3. I could speak before I could walk, while my twin could walk before he spoke.

4. I am the author of 6 books: DOLLY:THE MEMOIRS OF A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE, a novel; IF YOU LOVE ME, COME, a novel; SOFT TSUNAMI, poetry; and THE WANDA B. WONDERS COLLECTION: three books of short stories. All books can be found on Kindle and in paperback. My fiction has been widely anthologized.

5. My YouTube channel is Claudia’sUniverse.

6. I am currently accepting submissions for my forthcoming anthology, TO HONOR THE HEART: Women’s stories of rape and forgiveness.

7. I believe that every story is a love story at heart…

*** My Nominations ***

With pride and pleasure, I nominate the following bloggers:


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