A Few of My Favs

A Few of My Favs

Greetings lovelies!

It’s a beautiful Friday, and I couldn’t help sharing a few of my Friday favs! All of the following are pertinent to beauty blogging, in that not only is what we put on our outside an integral part of expressing our outer beauty, but also what we put into our bodies may be even more paramount in the expression of our beautiful mindsets.

What are some of your favs?


I am a certified FOODIE! I’ve been a vegetarian for years, and one year, I believe it was 2013, I embraced raw vegetarianism for the entire year. For several months in 2015, I went carnivore. Call it a lifestyle lapse. Fortunately, I awoke to find my body railing as if I’d been injected with acid (no, I’ve never experimented with it and am wondering why I typed that word myself!) What am I now? A renewed regal Vegan Vixen…and this is one of my favorite dishes! What’s in it? Lightly stir-fried purple cabbage (cooked only to take some of the jaw-cracking crunch from it; sliced vegan Italian sausage; spears of broccoli; a few slivers of onions; grated carrots; a dollop of garlic; a healthy handful of yellow bell peppers and spoonfuls of brown rice! Mercy! Was it ever good! Did I mention that I love my wok?

These vegan waffles are scrumptious when served with vegan Italian sausages and a pretty pop of red strawberries or blue beads of berries! Has anybody tried this one?

One of my fav YouTubers, Patricia Bright, revealed that she wasn’t really an eye shadow girl, while another fav YouTuber, Desi Perkins, is the queen of daring, neon, and audaciously bright eyes (and in a recent video, she said she was going to allow herself to become even more daring with the colors this year!). As for me and my make-up predilections, I absolutely adore eye shadow and dream about painting in my sleep. Were I a sleepwalker, I wouldn’t take a stroll to the frig; no, mine would lead straight to the bathroom vanity, where I’d be searching for my shadow palettes!

My mother was a reading mother, and that blessing fired a life-long love of reading in me. For that, I’m grateful. I love the sound of words. I love the taste of words. I make music, I’d like to think, of words on paper or screen. This is one of the books on my 2016 reading list. I’ve read Perkins-Valdez’s WENCH, which dropped me softly into another place and time, one from which it was difficult to return. The novel is ribboned because my beautiful friend, Anita Contreras, loves gorgeous things. She and I have relished our very own book club before book clubs became a fashionable rave. She gifted me with this one, and I graced her with a novel by a Spanish author whom we intend to read soon. What are you reading now?
A diva is known by the scent of the memories she leaves behind… What is your fav perfume? Goodness! DID I ASK ENOUGH QUESTIONS IN THIS POST? Besitos

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