Nail Obsession

Nail Obsession


Warm Wet Wednesday Wonders, lovelies!

I’m obsessed, as us beauty bloggers/vloggers typically are. Yes, it’s one of our intrinsic characteristics. Ever since I strolled into one of my local beauty establishments and eyed a gorgeous arrangement of nail porn tiered and rowed in an electric array of rich colors, I’ve been in lust with Alvia Nail Lacquer!

If you haven’t tried it, you must! Honestly, it’s a nail spa treatment in the privacy of your own bath boudoir.  The lacquer is smooth, lustrous, rich, glittery and glides on silkily with thick coverage. I’d be wholly remiss if I fail to add it retailed for $1.00 a bottle. But don’t take my word. Take the plunge for yourself…

What’s your favorite nail obsession?





4 thoughts on “Nail Obsession

    1. Awwww, thanks so much! Yes, indeed, it is such a gorg colour! I have several other shades that I will blog about later. I’m excited! Saw a video that gave me life on what I can possibly do when I vlog! Are you on YouTube? I’m Claudia’sUniverse. I’ve heard nothing but great things about gel nails. My sister has an at-home system that affords her the spa treatment affect. I’ll think about investing in a new uv light, because the nail dryer liquid doesn’t seem to work fast enough for me. 🙂

      Treat yourself to Alvia. They are only one dollar per bottle!

      Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a response. I so appreciate you!

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      1. Greetings Fizzstah!!

        Yes, do check Alvia out! It’s luscious! I’m going to remove the gold or bronzy shade for another some time tomorrow…or perhaps…today! 😀
        Will check you out on YouTube now!!


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