Simply Red

Simply Red

20160119_231043There is ever something magical about red.
On lips, it stymies tongues.
On feet, it crooks necks.
On hips, it jars traffic.
On nails, it frames art.
On hair, it owns stares.
On ears, it’s Simply Red’s classic 80’s hits, “I’ll Keep Holding On” and “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.”



Let go
Gotta flow
No holds
Can’t fold
Being bold


No hay nada como besos rojos.

Like beauty, red simply is its own reason to be…

Wishing you red smiles today and throughout the year! Besitos, todo el mundo!


{This is NYC’s smooth red lip stain over a Revlon lipstick. The gloss is vivid and does all that I want tinted gloss to do…except wash off easily!}  🙂



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