The Beauty of Reflection

The Beauty of Reflection


Recently I’ve paused the merry-go-round of my delightful days to bow to the beauty of reflection. Doing so keeps me content at heart, sharpens my goals. Like meditation, it allows me to be a better version of me. Without it, I am a ship on high seas, no particular port my destination. In gathering myself, I decided to cull my Instagram into a beauty/fashion accompaniment to my blog. Thus, a few hundred of my food pictures were deleted. Most of the raw dishes, trees, the green experiments, smoothie crushes and pretty-plate spreads. No, it didn’t hurt me to let them go. It felt like my scalp feels, probably, when it sheds strands of hair naturally. A tree doesn’t forlorn its falling leaves, does it?

Anyway, my IG reel will reveal my make-up looks and fashion lookbooks, if not daily, then twice weekly. The foodie in me will chronicle my journey here, right beside my passions for poetry, photography, lifestyle gems, writing and speaking. Reflection gingerly reminds me to put myself on a schedule, so that I can finish projects expeditiously and blog, vlog, write, post and schedule as judiciously as my heart and time permit.

Reflection means pulling out one of my many notebooks and prioritizing my Things To Do lists. It urges me to tick off what I have accomplished; it encourages me to celebrate achievements. In other words, reflection is the night birds call to the sunrise.

How important is time for Reflection in your life?


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Reflection

    1. I wholly agree with you on that, Angel! Yessss! I just remembered the great Greek philosopher Socrates and his famous quote: “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.”
      Each day I, too, strive to be better than the day before!
      Have a Fabulous Friday!

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