Introducing The Claudia and Natalie Show

Introducing The Claudia and Natalie Show

Morning loves!

Ever wanted your own talk show? Are you the chatty sort? Is spontaneity in your blood? If so, we’re kindred souls. Since I witnessed Oprah first blaze her meteoric trail, I’ve been enchanted with creating my own talk stage.

Recently, I joined with my beautiful blogging friend Natalie, the Frazier Stone Jewelry creator, to stir up a bit of girl chat. In this post, I wanted to share a snippet of our initial collaboration but I ran into video challenges so I shall tell you about our plans, provide the link and post my OOTD! (I’m unstoppable!)

We filmed on Natalie’s Mac’s iweb, which isn’t supported on this site. Oops! Learn something new daily for sure. I edited our video to 15 seconds. It took forever to load here so I abandoned that bright idea. With time ever being of the essence, who, pray tell, wants to sit and wait for a video to upload? Not I! said the beauty blogger. Right now, the video is on my channel, on Claudia’sUniverse. I will move it soon to its own channel though. (

A talk show will cover girl chat on fitness, food, fashion, writing, jewelry design, lifestyle, challenges, beauty, and blogging, etc. We’re excited. New year, new projects!

On YouTube, my channel is Claudia’sUniverse, and Natalie is Frazier Stone Jewelry! Check us out. Be sure to share your beauty blogging channels below so that we can subscribe to one another’s channels, supporting other fellow bloggers!

Below, I share my OOTD!


Blouse – Quizz stretch
Belt – Calvin Klein
Jeans – almost famous – BootyBoost
Shoes – Impo – Ross
Jewelry – Natalie’s original creations from FRAZIER STONE JEWELRY
Bag – an unknown boutique




BootyBoost? Interesting! The pads felt so soft until they were virtually nonexistent! 🙂 I love the business casual tease to the short. When I lifted the sleeves, it gave Natalie’s jewelry a lovely look-see. Yes, the jeans are doing what jeans are designed to do, mold and control, yet they were indeed comfy!

Love & Light


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