Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Evening lovelies,

It’s been a full, fabulous, flowing sort of day, and although busy, I dare not forget to add fortuitous. The Universe continuously spreads before me a table of plenty, connections and reminders to walk right up to what roars, consider it full on and know that there is no lack, fear or injustice, etc., in Divine Mind. As I write this, I think of the burlesque tickets I purchased in January. The electric gala happens tomorrow, on Valentine’s Weekend, when everybody with or without a sweetie is engaged. I ask, no one can attend. Then I follow a hunch to connect with a long-time, lovely friend, who’d adore an evening of burlesque, music, poetry, body painting and more. I called yesterday. She responded this afternoon. And now we’re enjoying The Sweet Spot Show together. I’m tickled. So ever follow that still, small voice inside that whispers, never steering you wrong.

That said, I couldn’t help but write another contemplative post, mixed with flashes of fashion, style and lessons.

It’s Friday! Don’t know why, but lately, I hear the music of pictorial flashbacks, which begs to be shared on Facebook or Instagram. And now, here.



In the above pic, my style was easy, free and colorful. I dripped jewelry, which I purchased wherever it caught my eye, in store windows, on the side walk in a bin before a local jewelry maker, out west on an Indian reservation and in Indian sari shops, among other places. My jeans were bell shaped, though not as wide as the bell bottoms of previous years. Low riders hadn’t yet made the fashion scene, and those infamous crop tops delighted me in an array of colors. My belly ring demanded front-row status. In these days, I wore my hair in a braided style I braided myself, Sisterlocks. The style allowed for very little manipulation of my natural hair, so with great conditioners and oils my often-dyed hair crept the length of my back. One of my younger sisters can sit on her beautiful, well-maintained Sisterlocks. I had that very same sister to Big Chop my locs on October 20, 2014. Now I grow my natural hair out with protective styles that unveil my love of wigs, crochet styles and weaves, which I’ve yet to experience.

I wore heels then and I don them today. These days, though, I wear more athletic gear, as fitness tops my list most times, when I’m not running errands, being photographed for a blog post or meeting a friend for lunch.


This pic is more up to-date. A few years back, my Aunt Marion in the stripes and my knee-baby sis, Glenda Pearl, with the Venus Fly Trap mouth, and I are relishing our first family, all-girl Carnival cruise together! Oh my, those were great times! We had such an amazing time, laughing, eating inordinately large amounts of food and bringing leisure to a brand new level. Glenda is hilarious. Anyone falling into our little trio fell in love with her in minutes, islanders and mainlanders alike. On cruises, my fashion goes into brilliant colors, flowing skirts, tiny, tight tops, white dresses, flat sandals, strappy heels and net and skin, skin, skin! Don’t know why I was born in the blustery clime of Connecticut instead of the buttery warmth of Miami! But…the Universe knows best! 🙂

The smiling woman in the black blouse and black and white skirt is my mother, Clementine. I believe she was standing in front of one of our Connecticut residences. Mama, I vividly remember from her youthful pictures and what I remember of her in my adolescence, had a classy, bold, flared sense of fashion. She came through the period of the cinched waists behind wide black belts, flared pleated skirts, pretty pumps, white crisp sexy blouses and deep-waved tresses. She transitioned when I was in the 10th grade, after my father moved the family from Connecticut to Alabama, their home state.

Talk about a flashback…

In a recent post, I wrote about my need for periodic reflection and redirection. Tonight, I conclude this post with an admission. Yes, I’m vulnerable just thinking about it. The picture of the Mac Book I posted was lovely, with the strategically placed beauty products on its opened face.

I purchased it at the end of 2015. Got it from the BoomStreet website, thought I had the perfect deal and placed it in a prominent place in my room, so I could pause in my flurry of activity and take it to a local computer repair shop to get it optimized. Super! And what happened? A young repairman schooled me. It was an ’07 computer, out of memory, Ram, a hard drive and was stuck in a reboot loop. Apple no longer made parts for the sweet thing. I’d paid $250 for this lesson, a reminder from the Universe, and one of the repairmen, whose counter-side manner was heaven.

Soft-spoken, his voice was low, spiced with the Orient: “Always invest in yourself. If you are doing YouTube, give it all you’ve got. This computer couldn’t recognize Final Cut Pro. (I knew that, having tried to download the software earlier.) In March, go to Apple and get the 2015 Mac Book Pro 13″ or 15,” he continued, “if you are on a budget. But get it anyway. Or invest in the new 2016 Mac Book. Buy that new vlogging camera. Pay on it. You deserve it. The $250 you paid for this antiquated machine could have been put towards your new Mac Book.”

I smiled, nodded. There was no need to fight with or denounce myself for making a mistake. I learn from mine. “Oh ye of little faith,” the Bible whispered, as I buttoned my coat.

“Okay, thank you,” I pointed to my useless laptop. “Please keep it and sell or use its parts, if you like. I will do as you’ve outlined, and thank you so much for everything.”

His “Have a nice day” at my back, as I pushed open the strip mall glass door, felt like an apology for the loss of my $250. I faced the chilly afternoon with a bright smile, knowing there is no loss in Divine Mind. In March, I’m upping my game! It’s a Mac Book Pro, Final Cut Pro (video editing software) and a new vlogging camera for me. When I cut corners, I hurt myself.

I’m thrilled tonight! Faith calls for action, inspired action, and I’m fired up with inspiration!

Have a spectacular rest, loves!


8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    1. Morning Apoorva!!!

      Oooh, thank you so very much! I am so elated that you feel more inspired, for your blog is such a delight to visit! If Time weren’t a task mistress breathing down my collar, reminding me that I must care for little people in the morning when I am struggling to stand under the weight of Sleep, I would sit around and visit and read all night!


      Yesss again! I got my piercing first and then my sisters followed suit! That reminds me. I will invest in new jewelry for the coming summer! It’s time to bling and sing, honey!!! But thanks so much!

      Thank you so much! Here’s wishing you the very same!


      Liked by 1 person

  1. Aw you’re the sweetest, how very kind of you. I really appreciate you taking time to visit my blog.
    When you do, put a post on that. Not sure if a naval piercing would suit me but I’d love to see some bling. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morning Apoorva!
      Thank you! You are most welcome! And I, too, humbly appreciate you visiting my blog. When I see you on Instagram, I always want to visit your blog home!
      I am so due for new body jewelry! It’s so exciting! Thank you for the suggestion. I will not only do a blog post, but also I will vlog the experience for my YouTube channel, Claudia’sUniverse.
      I live for the bling bling!


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