A Tale of Two Colors

A Tale of Two Colors

I simply adore fashion and my sense of style floats from the soft and frilly, girly and sexy to the racy and wide eyed straight into the comfortable and flirty and everything in between. The androgynous looks of bow ties and fedora and button-down shirts and wide-legged pants can leave me just as mesmerized as a cute sweater and comfy black cotton pants over a pair of talking, name-calling Red Bottom shoes…

Red and Black are the perfect marriage of colors! I’ve ever loved them together and separate!

This look was culled from one of my thrift-shopping excursions. There are countless places to thrift shop in my humble city, and I found this soft, great-feeling sweater in the Goodwill.

The splashes of red create a vivacity that rivals the sun!

The Kim Kardashian black cotton jeans fit me deliciously! I love how they feel, while I’m standing, moving and sitting. No biting and unexpected tightness in delicate places. Just pure comfort. I know it’s because of the love affair between the cotton and the polyester combined with spandex coated with polyurethane, giving the fabric that jean on one side and spandex on the other appeal, which I love! My sis Bernadette gifted me these pants for my birthday last year! She bought them at Wal-mart. The Calvin Klein belt was a gift from my baby sister Athera! And my sister knee-baby sister Glenda gifted me with the Red Bottoms! Side note: It’s lovely to have sisters who understand your style and gift you accordingly. 🙂

The Kim K pants almost look as if they have come right out of the Western days with leather covering the front of coarse cotton cowboy britches! The low-falling front is a cute touch…along with all of the zipping going on!
Well, I know the Red Bottoms may have been annoyed with the chocolate Vuitton bag, but my goodness, they’re both from Paris so I’m thinking they got over themselves! It’s fair to say they felt good together!
I’ll say I much enjoyed a pretend European day, strolling and sashaying about, dreaming of the time when I will visit Paris and Rome, my arms swinging and stride singing!

Have a beautiful Wednesday, loves! Stay tuned for A Tale of Two Colors, Part Two!



What are two of your favorite colors to juxtapose? I’d love to know!


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