A Glimpse of Grape

A Glimpse of Grape

Top of the afternoon, loves,

What a lovely day it is outside my cozy bedroom’s windows! I’m sitting on sun-splashed carpet surrounded by the trappings of a blogger’s world: writing snippets in colorful spiral-backed notebooks, the periodic price tag, clothes, novels and other books, loose pieces of paper, colored pens, my Guess eyeglass case, my 2016 planner and my cell phone, which I use for my pictures sometimes, when I’m not using my Olympus Stylus. Today my nephew Caleb is visiting and putting forth every effort to grab everything he sees with his characteristic six-month-old tenacity. If I could bottle it, the entire family would be “nouveau riche.”

The moment I opened the gaily-wrapped Christmas gift from my beloved sisterfriend, Brendolyn, I knew whatever was inside would be something special. And she didn’t disappoint. It was spectacular! So I decided to photograph an OOTD around my novelty of a purse! Te doy las dulces gracias, Bren! Como siempre, te agradezco mucho!

Here’s wishing all of my followers an exquisite end of February and beginning of March! So stay tuned! There is so much more to come!Β 
A closer look at the purse… Rhinestones adorn the skinny heel, which is positioned daintily atop a plump grape or plum. A larger rhinestone is the eye of the silver and black bow on the front of the stiletto. Silver glitter shines here and there along the straps creating a soft, sexy sensuality! The purse was handcrafted by GERI WHITE, an artist in the nation’s capital!
I’ll confess…I do love this pose, but my niece was shivering after she snapped it so I made sure to expedite the shoot! πŸ˜€
What would have really been hottt…if I’d worn grape-hued ankle boots or long purple leather boots! But I’m not interested in harming animals for the sake of fashion or style! My sunglasses were a gift from my loving niece, Whitney, my camera lady! They sizzle.
Instead of “Lord, let me not be misunderstood,” I’m singing, “Goddess, please let me diversify my poses!” πŸ™‚
You should’ve known! Off came the comfortable beige coat matching my well-heeled purse as if they’d been created together, even from a back view! Wondering what’s in it, my purse, that is? My Kindle Fire! Wherever I ended up that day, I was sure to return to The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn, which is a mesmerizing, conversational yet powerful spiritual read. Let me not forget. The storefront with the red, black and white sign belongs to my sister. It’s a printing business.
I pulled on my trusty, comfortable black leggings. I’ve had them so long until I no longer remember where I bought them. Though it looks as if that is all I’m styling, it isn’t! There’s a black knit mini skirt over my leggings! Even though it might appear I wasn’t warm, I was for layers are paramount in brisk temperatures! I was layered under my grey sweater also.
The day was exceedingly windy and chilly, though I’m posing as if the wind wasn’t raucously inviting me to put a rush on the parking-lot shoot. My sister’s MossWear International Printing storefront before me, outside of the frame of this picture. You’ll see it in another pic. And here’s a clear shot of my lovely gift of a purse!



Coat – Kenneth Cole New York

Sweater – dna SPORT (thrifted at the Goodwill)

Leggings – I don’t remember where I bought them, but Walmart might be the answer.

Black belt – Borrowed from one of my Dillard dresses

Black shoes – Gianni Bini from a Florida shoe store


Accessories – from my extensive costume jewelry collection (Perhaps I’ll do a video on it one day on my YouTube channel, Claudia’sUniverse!)

Have a sensational Saturday, loves! Treat yourself well!



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