Sugar-Free Love

Sugar-Free Love

Greetings loves,

Here’s to sharing sugar-free kisses and love, from me to you and back to me! Yes, I’m releasing sugar. For the second time. I released it several years ago since I’ve ever been a health enthusiast. This time I’m releasing it to reclaim a healthier way of loving Claudia in the temple that houses her body and mind.

How did I come to this decision?

I was enjoying a traipse across Instagram when I noticed a brightly colored post that stopped me in my love clicking, made me ponder its simple meaning quietly. Ayda, a beautiful, Sydney-based beauty and health blogger I follow on Instagram and on her blog (, was launching a major initiative and was inviting others to join her. Intrigued, I asked questions; she joyously responded. I felt welcomed and decided to join her in a sugar-free campaign, and more importantly, in a sugar-free lifestyle. Ayda introduced me to several fabulous women who shared their stories with me via Instagram DMs. Right then and there, this past weekend, we committed ourselves to living a healthier life.

As a group, we are undertaking a two-month initiative to release added and large amounts of sugar today, Monday, March 7, 2016. Personally, I am undertaking the journey to release sugar for good. Why? There is sugar in so much of the foods we ordinarily consume; however, the amount of sugar isn’t as excessive as popping dozens of donuts and ice cream and cake and candy and pies into your mouth! Bags of sugar can disappear from your pantry shelves for good. You can purchase sugar-free delights for the little people in your families. Instead of jellies and other sugary food products, you can sweeten oatmeal with fruits and/or honey. Explore other options, i.e., raw honey! The answer to what might you use to replace sugar in your diet is as expansive as your imagination. Raw coconut sugar is a lovely alternative. You and other like-minded souls could organize a think tank and brainstorm answers to the question in waves of shared energy.


I am grateful for Ayda!  I appreciate her blogging about beauty and health. I needed to return to a sugar-free love. And I am thankful to be taking some of you with me as I delve back into sugarless living.

10 Reasons Why I Am Embracing a Sugar-less Lifestyle

  1.  I love a healthy, beautiful smile.
  2. Sugar increases my chances of developing diabetes.
  3. I do not revel in empty calories sans proteins, essential fats, minerals and vitamins.
  4. Sugar can hurl my cholesterol levels into an unhealthy realm and invite me to heart disease.
  5. I don’t wish to feed the bacteria in my mouth with added and excessive amounts of sugar.
  6. Sugar can make me insulin resistant.
  7. Cancer adores sugar.
  8. My liver health welcomes a sugar-free lifestyle.
  9. Sugar won’t take me by the hand and walk me towards obesity.
  10. My colon and other areas of my body love a yeast-free lifestyle.


An aside…

Two weeks ago, I bowed to my beloved nephew’s congenial request to “make the cinnamon rolls I was widely known to bake on easy weekend mornings.” I skirted his request for months. Finally, I worked my culinary magic and what follows is what I served.

Why have I deigned to include these yummy morsels in a sugar-free post?

I prepared these treats Vegan Style, right down to the vegan butter substitute. For sugar, I used Organic Cane Sugar. At the time I prepared these lovelies, I wasn’t sugar free.

When I prepare them again, I will substitute the Organic Cane Sugar with Organic Coconut Sugar.
I will substitute the crack-cocaine frosting with a sugarless substitute or leave them hot and lathered with vegan butter.

There are ever better ways to love yourself, beautiful people, and it is your responsibility to discover those ways and welcome them into the joy of your life! You deserve it. Your loved ones deserve it. Your journey here will be the better for it!

Besos y Abrazos


2 thoughts on “Sugar-Free Love

    1. Greetings Glitterandglosss!

      Hello and how are you, Beautiful One! I feel like it has been such a long time since I’ve returned to my blog, too. But sometimes we must go away to come again better than we were before!

      You are so welcome! Bowing! Besos y Abrazos)))))))) ❤ ❤ ❤


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