Pink Obsession

Pink Obsession

Greetings lovelies!

I’ve been re-discovering the beauty of my Ulta Beauty Box Collection that I received as a gift from my MUA friend Kanita in Los Angeles. When she learned that I was enamored with make-up, she sent me the Ulta box kit and charged me to free my inner artist to take risks in creating various make-up looks. Tickled, I got busy experimenting, periodically…until I stopped and lost myself in writing.

Lately though, I’ve begun to wake up to make up, and it has made a tremendous difference in my skill level. It’s true. Whatever you do often enough, you inevitably get better at it.

In the pictures below, I began with a clean face moisturized with organic coconut oil and then my skin primed with NYC New York Color’s BB Creme 5-in-1 Skin Perfector, which I have found to flake if I massage it into my skin too long. Since I began consistently using a primer, I’ve noticed that my make up doesn’t crease as much and wears significantly longer throughout the day.

For foundation, I used True Match L’Oreal Paris in the shade n8 cappuccino. Kanita selected it for me when I visited her after I attended the Lambda Literary Foundation Writing Retreat in ’14. That should attest to how often I’ve used it or how a little goes quite a long way! Lately though, I’ve been using a little on my fingertips and then applying it on my skin, following the beautiful Sondra Deluxe on YouTube. Mind you, I do like mixing the routine up sometimes by using the pink beauty brushes I purchased off eBay a few posts back. It’s safe to admit here that I’ve yet to film my premier How to tutorial on a look! When I eventually begin filming my beauty tutorials, I will film and upload a review of my eBay brushes and the gorgeous Sephora brushes!

So much to do, and so inspired to get it done!

Next, under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose, I applied L.A. Colors liquid make-up, which is close in color to L.A. Girl’s PRO. concealer. The L.A. Colors is in the color Tan, while I do have and use L.A. Girl in Toffee, which is a tad lighter than the concealer. I bought the L.A. Colors foundation from my local Dollar Store and the L.A. Girl at my local beauty supply for about $2.88.

I went in (Don’t you just love that expression?) with a brown pencil for my brows and followed that with the e.l.f. brow kit.

In this moment of silent revelry, I bow to my adoration of eye shadow palettes. There are 2 in the Ulta Beauty Box Collection: one primarily nude with some shimmer and the other bold with some matte. I’m wearing Majesty on my lids, Plum Noir in my crease and under my waterline, with Tiara and Amethyst above the crease. Love is dabbed in the corner of my eyes. The NK eye pencil in black further accentuates my eyes.

I set my concealer with MAC’s Select Sheer Pressed Powder and lovingly stroked MAC’s Bronzing Powder along my cheekbones, as a bit of a contour…perhaps. Soon, I will eventually gift myself with Anastasia of Beverly Hills contour kit.

At the top of my cheekbones and down my nose went the Ulta Beauty Box Collection’s Highlighter. Nivea Creme softened my lips before I applied Black Radiance’s 5112 lipstick after lining them with JBS eye/eyebrow pencil in 309 Fuchsia. The lippy was tweaked with Glitz lip gloss, a product I’ve used so much until I can no longer read much of its label.

Anyway, here is the look in pictures!

And this is a look at my Ulta Beauty Box Collection, a stupendous traveling kit, too!

Here’s hoping our Sunday is filled with fun in the sun!

What is your current obsession in make-up colors?



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