Lipstick Review and MOTD

Lipstick Review and MOTD

Hello loves,

I’ve been purchasing quite a bit of lipstick lately, and since I’m not one to spend days in the mall, strolling and window gazing, visually dream boarding, I tend to pick up lipstick in Kroger or in local beauty supplies. In the not-so-distant future, I shall purchase liquid lipstick from LipLand, from the AmRezy Collection. AmRezy is an exotic beauty I discovered on Instagram.

For now, Rite-Aid is where I discovered a fairly good selection of Black Radiance lipsticks and glosses for what I considered great department store prices. So I bought several.

Black Radiance lipsticks are lush, creamy and long lasting. The lipsticks are so creamy I rarely top them with glosses, and they are deliciously blendable if your aim is to create that sexy ombre look. Although the lipsticks have numbers, they are named on the plastic that seals them before you open them. I just opened the lipstick gloss here and found its name to be “Caribbean Pink.” Hmmm. So sweet…as I love the Caribbean, where I have vacationed on several occasions, and you already know I think pink right down to the singer Pink, Taste Pink the YouTuber, pink clothing and pink make up! You name it and if it’s pink, I’ll claim it. Most times, so how can I tease my Laila Amor, my grandbaby girl, who dreams and breathes in pink!

In the following photos, I share my fav make-up looks in Black Radiance colors: 5112 and 5114. I will share looks of the other shades in coming MOTD posts.







The pic up above is my little Laila, a 5-year-old beauty blogger! šŸ˜€

Have a beautiful day, lovelies!



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