Bold Eyes and Nude Lips

Bold Eyes and Nude Lips

Hi loves,

A brief post to continue with my Beauty Week here on my blog! Think Fashion Week on a grandiose stage, but much smaller and eons more intimate, one woman’s foray into beauty! 🙂

My simple truth: Experimentation is the delight of my days!

Here I’ve been playing in the bold colors of Shany’s “Bold And Bright 120 Color Shadow Palette Get Vivid Eyes!” The colors don’t have names as you can imagine, as there are far too many to name! I was experimenting with the reds, colors I never would have chosen in years prior. These pictures came from the day I filmed my “13 Ways to Tie a Summer Scarf” video. Nude lips using my WetnWild “A Short Affair 501C” lipstick finished the look.

Uh huh! I know. Why are they all leaning to the right? I was going for something different. Guess you could say I was…experimenting? A variant perspective?  I’m dreaming of waves, the ocean, beach hopping, etc.? However you’d like to answer, that’s fine!

I hope you like the look! Have you been bold lately in the make-up department?




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