OOTD: Breezy Style

OOTD: Breezy Style

Greetings loves,

In this brief post, I’m sharing how very much I love style that strolls easily, sensually, straight out of a warm afternoon and right into the conditioned air of the gym. This black Wet Seal blouse is daring and sweet simultaneously, the color welcoming all others. I didn’t style it with jewelry because the itinerary of the day didn’t call for bangles and baubles.

The pouty peephole in the front of the blouse nicely showcases belly rings and other waist-adorning things, like belly chains. And writing this post reminds me to pick up a colorful belly chain for my spring/summer lookbooks!

I simply adore these Shosho pants, which were worn quite nicely all day while keeping their shape, no sags, no undue puckers from constant movement. The Impo shoes are extraordinarily comfortable, complimenting the minimal ensemble! Later in the day, off went the blouse for a sports bra and off came the shoes for Nikes and I was gym bound. From a previous post, you may remember these pants photographed on a treadmill! 🙂

Whenever I wear this outfit, I want to dance Kizumba! My body just goes into form, abs tight, back arched, butt out, legs poised, toes pointed. The only thing is I need more study to get it just right for self-taught, solo dancing. Stay tuned as that day will come!

Have a lovely weekend!



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