Let Your Passions Set You Ablaze…

Let Your Passions Set You Ablaze…

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Morning loves,

I bring you passion and dedication to whatever it is that stokes your heart’s furnace. I have been away doing just that, stoking my heart’s furnace, and tonight, I am making certain I’ve included all submissions received to be considered for my coming anthology, To Honor the Heart: Women’s stories of rape and sexual abuse. It’s been a long journey, at least in my humble opinion it has, me having embarked upon this odyssey in 2013. If the venture were a train, there were more days than I can count when the train seemed derailed, wrecked, and mechanically defunct. But I persisted, driven by something noble and pure. Powered by love and forgiveness.

No, the anthology is not a group of sad, depressed and shameful voices. Not hardly. These authors are victorious, fearless and fierce. They share stories that shine as a beacon of hope to others, women and men, for no not one is immune from rape and sexual abuse.Vulnerable, they are not held prisoner by guilt, self condemnation and silence.

They speak…I speak…so that others may know that they can not just survive but thrive. Our voices ring in poetry and prose, in narratives that breathe light.

I will keep you apprised of where the journey leads from here, as I remember that everything happens in Divine Time, for there is nothing before its time.







2 thoughts on “Let Your Passions Set You Ablaze…

  1. I can not think of anything better to be “powered by” than love and forgiveness! What a wonderful and important project. So many of us are affected in some way by rape and abuse, but suffer alone in silence. Seeing yourself in someone else’s story can be transformative.

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    1. Morning greetings, Mikayla!
      Thanks so much for your life-giving words! I am most appreciative, humbled, elated. Love and forgiveness are worthy to navigate a life alone. I am hoping others will receive the project in the way that you have received it, for that is the flow in which it was conceived. I believe all noble things begin in an environment of love and forgiveness. Truly, silence is a prison whose power must be eradicated. I agree with your final thought as well, for transformation is the end result! And being we are one, our story can ever be seen in another!
      Peace & Blessings


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