Gorgeous Getaways aren’t always across the globe…

Gorgeous Getaways aren’t always across the globe…

Greetings loves,

The sun is offering up its penultimate rays, as I sit in slowly falling shadows in my room, quietly contemplating life in all of its roller-coaster splendor. I am grateful for the ride, as we all are.

I didn’t leave the apartment today, yet, in a lovely sense, I did. I traipsed across the blog-sphere, visiting my fellow beauty bloggers and enjoying the patch of blue in which they write. The tall trees across the way, on the other side of the parking lot below my bedroom windows, are relinquishing their green dresses for garments of darker hues. Something is softly calling me to rise and grace the gym before the blanket of night softly covers all. I respect the night. Thus, I’ll pop into the gym, sweat and skip back home. Though there are no wolves on my path, I do not wish to answer questions from those acting-as-wolves about my coming and going.

Same as I’ve enjoyed a virtual getaway today, I remind myself to enjoy planned and unplanned gorgeous getaways in my own back yard, in my city, in my state. Getaways aren’t always located across the globe.

2016-04-02 19.17.44

While visiting my Cousin Mary Ann last year, she and I decided to get away, and the serendipitous notion led us to a quaint little section of her Floridian town with a street right out of my dream catalog. We strolled and chatted, people watched and breathed in the colorful setting. Lunch and dinner in picture-perfect coffee shops made for memory-making moments. Ice cream delights capped the night as we admired strolling lovers, walking hand in hand, their conversation, low, private. From a bench beside the busy sidewalk, we watched laughing, bubbly fountains. The night was a postage stamp of a getaway I knew I’d recast in a future moment, as I live life in printed words and digital pictures.

2016-04-02 19.15.21

In life, leave time to revitalize the spirit. View new horizons. Meander different avenues. Sample different food. Dream new ventures. And get away…to come again greater than you were before.




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